Double Layer Square Cake

 8 inch - serves approximately 24
 9 inch - serves approximately 32
10 inch - serves approximately 40
12 inch - serves approximately 60
14 inch - serves approximately 84
16 inch - serves approximately 112
18 inch - serves approximately 144
Double Layer Round Cake

 8 inch - serves approximately 20 
 9 inch - serves approximately 25
10 inch - serves approximately 30
11 inch - serves approximately 35 
12 inch - serves approximately 45
13 inch - serves approximately 55
14 inch - serves approximately 65
15 inch - serves approximately 80
16 inch - serves approximately 90
17 inch - serves approximately 105
18 inch - serves approximately 115
Double Layer Party/Sheet Cake

 7x11 double layer sheet -   serves approximately 32
 8x12 double layer sheet -   serves approximately 40
 9x13 double layer sheet -  serves approximately 56   
11x15 double layer sheet -  serves approximately 88
12x18 double layer sheet -  serves approximately 98
A note about Cake Dot's Buttercream Icing -- Cake Dot's Buttercream Icing is also perfect for the warmer months, not just the cooler months; therefore, if you want Buttercream, you can have it anytime, anywhere.  If you have questions, just ask . . .  
Each and every party cake is custom made just for you.  Nothing is pre-made, so enjoy . . .
Single Layer Party/Sheet Cake

  7x11 sheet - serves approximately 16
  8x12 sheet - serves approximately 20
  9x13 sheet - serves approximately 28
 11x15 sheet - serves approximately 44
 12x18 sheet - serves approximately 56
 Also see the "Party Cake Payment Options" link above but this is Cake Dots last choice. 
The following prices are the BASE PRICES and include Cake Dots delicious buttercream icing.  
Rush Orders: orders placed less than one week may have a $20 rush order charge
Columbus, Ohio
Address, Map & Directions

Please Read before ordering.

First of all, let us tell you that Cake Dots love making speciality cakes for everyone.  However, we are very distressed and disappointed over recent orders where customers order a cake then cancel the day before scheduled pickup or the day of pickup.  Even worse, some just fail to show up, leaving us holding the cake!!!  This is not good people.* 

We at Cake Dots bake your cake especially for you but we make it the day before the pickup time; otherwise, you would be sitting around here waiting for it to finish baking etc.  Also if you ask for a sculpted cake, the cake needs time to rest and set up or you will have just a pile of crumbs.  Think about it.  Another thing is that if we make the cake three days before, people sometimes think they are getting a "stale" cake.  How long do you think the cakes sit around that are sold in Kroger, Meijer, or Walmart?  Probably years!!!!!  (Well, not quite).  Recently I bought a package of Cookies from Pettridge Farms; the expiration date was 4 months away!!  Geesh!  Again, getting back to the point of baking a couple of days before pickup: changing your mind a day or two before pickup means we have already baked your cake, and changing your mind at the last minute means we have already baked and decorated your cake and now we are out of pocket and time spent creating it.  NOTE: Not one single customer has ever complained about their cake being stale or dry or not liking it.  See our Guestbook

Almost all of our special designs have to be made and allowed to set up before we can put them on your cake.  Stars, for example, take about 4-5 days to set up so they don't slide down the cake wires.  Sugar designs like Abby Cadabby, Tinkerbell etc. require a good week or more to set up and they also take a LOT of time to create.  Try to get a sugar Abby Cadabby at Walmart or Kroger's -- they use little plastic characters that cost practically nothing because they buy them in huge quantities; we special make each and every one of our sugar characters.  Cake Dot could actually scream when one of these cakes is ordered and no one shows up to get it.           

The special supplies and ingredients for our cakes aren't given to us.  These special ingredients cost us more than bakeries, and definitely a lot more than what Kroger and Walmart pay for their supplies.  One person asked if we were "freakin' crazy" because we quoted a $35 price for her cake -- one that was wanted in 2 days.  We didn't even charge the $15 rush order charge.  Good grief!!  Again, Cake Dot could just scream.

We at Cake Dots cannot tell you how upsetting the "no pick ups" have been.       We cannot tell you the hours that have gone into making these cakes nor the amount of expense we have put into them. We don't open a box cake mix, slap some icing on it and say it's done.  We make and decorate our cakes with each person in mind, realizing how surprised they will be and how happy this cake is going to make someone.

A well well-known and well-established baker in Chicago recently told us to charge $60/hr for our special cakes, but noooo, we can't do that to our customers -- we try very hard to do the best and most elaborate cake we can and keep the price as low as possible, but apparently it's not good enough and some people do us dirty.  We don't charge an hourly rate, we just charge for the supplies which is why we hold our breath a lot when it's time to pay bills.  Maybe we should listen to the Chicago baker and then we will certainly hear customers ask if we are "freakin' crazy."

Cake Dots take a lot of pride in our cakes and we make them only for you.  We apologize for having to post this and for our bitching (there's no other way to say it).  Please enjoy perusing the cakes we have created and have fun.  We hope we have not frightened you away with our venting.
The approximate number of serving for all party cakes except wedding cakes are listed below according to the shape you prefer.

For birthday, party or special event cakes, PLEASE, please a three-week notice is requested, however, there are always exceptions -- Please check our "Available" page.
*The problem of people ordering speciality cakes and not picking them up is not limited to only Cake Dots.  Other bakers in the area have complained about the same problem and this has been discussed at our Ohio Cake Decorating meetings.  Many suggestions have been make but Cake Dots does not want to inconvenience our wonderful and faithful customers, the ones who are extremely nice and also honest.  So we, for now, will continue with our usual and trusting way of taking orders.  A special thanks to all of our wonderful customers. We truly appreciate you. 
All extras including more than one flavor cake, animals, handmade or special ordered flowers,* stars, tilted or tiered cakes etc. are priced according to difficulty and materials used.

We will definitely work with you to stay within your budget and give you not only the best tasting but definitely the best looking cake we can.  Please remember, we are not Walmart nor Kroger -- we custom make and design your cake to your requests.

*There are times when we absolutely cannot make the flowers needed for your cake either due to difficulty or time.
Please see info in the BLUE BOX to the right:
Custome 2-D and 3-D cakes are priced according to difficulty and materials used
Let's put a short note about payments here: 
- We DO NOT accept any type of                        credit or debit cards.  
- We only accept Cash (Checks and Money Orders are now a "no-no"
OK.  Starting October 15, 2013, Cake Dots must request that all first time customers pay at the time of order via PAYPAL
We apologize for having to do this, but this is the last time Cake Dots will take an order on trust and have no one call, cancel at least two days before due date, or even bother to pick up the cake.

Tuesday, Cake Dot was just getting over a terrible cold and did not feel like baking, but thinking she would feel better closer to the weekend, she took the order on good faith.  Cake Dots didn't even ask for the $20 rush order.

Then Saturday came and went with the cake still in the fridge.  We believe it's the same person doing this on a regular basis because we think we can now recognize the voice.  We tried asking for a partial payment upfront but when it's kinda rushed, as in this case, that's almost impossible to do.

Words cannot express how disappointed Cake Dots is with people who think it's fun to cause other people harm in the way of time and effort, money and creativity.  BTW, this order was for a 12x18 single layer baby Tigger cutout cake.  Grrrr.

Cake Dots is a home bakery/business and takes appointments for wedding cakes only; party and speciality cake orders are placed by phone.  
Telephone Hours Monday through Friday
9 a.m. to 1:45 p.m.
The best days to reach us is Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday,
however, we are here every day 
Tiered cakes (stacked cakes -- like a wedding cake) are priced accordingly.