We  consider  ourselves  extremely lucky  if  we  are  able  to  get  to  the  computer  once  a  week,  and  we  no  longer  are  able  to  play  and visit lots of  pretty  sites  like  we  used  to,  so  please,  please,  please  –  no  emails,  no  emails,  no  emails.
One  more  time: 
 No  emails  please.
Thank  You
Columbus, Ohio
Appointment Days and Times
We do NOT have consultations or tastings for birthday, shower, graduation etc. types of cakes unless they are humongous and will cost an arm and a leg.  In those cases, the cakes will be structured and set up more along the line of a wedding cake with lots of detail etc. 

Cake Delivery
Deliveries for speciality cakes in Columbus are $35 (sorry).  Deliveries outside of Columbus are priced accordingly.
Please check the "Availability" page --
the link is above.
made fresh and just for you--always.  Cake prices are determined by the complexity of the design and number of servings you want.  We  try our very best to be extremely fair in our pricing and charge way below what other bakers across the country charge for the same type of cake.  Cake Dots love making you happy and that is why we provide a specialized service that cannot be found in any grocery store bakery.
So please remember, we DO NOT make Walmart and Kroger cakes.  We use the best ingredients and create the cutest and prettiest cakes we can just for you.  If you want a $10 cake, call Walmart or Kroger.  Yes that is sorta blunt, but we pride ourselves in baking delicious cakes and creating pretty, cute and fun cakes to make your special occasion one to be remembered for years and still be reasonably priced.
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE NOTE:  The cakes that we make are not mass-produced and our prices reflect the unique and custom handwork, structure and design that we do for YOUR cake. This is what you pay for and the reason you call us.  You can be sure our cakes are absolutely delicious and each cake is  
All SATURDAY Cakes must be picked up by 12:00 Noon
*weekday pickup times can be arranged*
If you are interested in sculpted cakes, please realize we bake the cakes* a couple of days ahead so they can set up and be chilled before we start sculpting.  This does NOT mean they will be stale in any way, shape or formwe promise.  They will be absolutely delicious.  However, we want to make it perfectly clear that Cake Dot gets a "leeeetle" touch upset when we receive a cancellation a day or two before scheduled pickup.  We spend a lot of additional money for ingredients and supplies for sculpted cakes and have started baking, working, chilling and working again on them at least by Wednesday or Thursday before a scheduled Saturday pickupdepending on the difficulty of the design.  Please people.  Have your plans and budget made before you call and order a sculpted cake.  

*(yes, cake with an "s" because we have to bake more cake than required due to the necessary cutting away and sculpting)
Party and Speciality Cakes
Party and Speciality cake orders are placed by phone 99.9% of the time and DO NOT require a consultation.

There is a $35.00 minimum on all party cakes.
Not Seen on TV
We know that many of you have watched Ace of Cakes, the Cake Boss, Fabulous Cakes and Amazing Wedding Cakes, but what you don't see is the actual hours spent on baking, designing, sculpting and decorating those cakes.  You only see parts of the process and you would be amazed at the amount of time and work that goes into some of these cakes.  You CANNOT do them in one freakin' day. (                  Did I really say that . . .  EEEK!! [but it's true      ])
Calling for a Special or Sculpted Cake
Price Check     
Cake Dots cannot do a quick estimate on any type of speciality or birthday cake since their math skills aren't that great.              For us trying to quickly figure up all the details you have in your mind and transferring those images over to our minds can be slower than molasses.      We know you are busy and we are too;       plus when we try to hurry, our math skills (as mentioned above) are the pits.  So please understand when we ask if we can call you back with the price
Please know that each and every cake on our website is priced individually—honest.  It would be nice if we could whip out a price in about two seconds, but we can't.           
There is no way we at Cake Dots know how many servings each cake pictured on the website serves (wish we could)—we have pretty good memories but not that good.  So what we have to do is try to get a good description of what you want and sometimes ask you to email us a picture (            OMG—email!!) then call you back.  There are times, however, if the cake is a very simple one, that is no problem—it's just the really detailed and involved cakes.  We are sure you understand (thank you, thank you, thank you).
Again, each cake is priced individually. 
How's that!?
Let's put a short note about payments here: 

- We DO NOT accept any type of                   credit or debit cards.  

- We only accept Cash.

Just a note:  
Yes, we know we talk a lot and we put things in large print because we think it's much easier to read.  We also put large images on this website plus Cake Dot is not a tiny little thing like she used to be, and nowadays, thinks in large and x-large, lol. We have a theme going here if you haven't noticed.  We at Cake Dots pride ourselves in being over generous.  We calculate larger servings than most bakers and feel you deserve to get more than what you are paying for.  We are always trying to out-do ourselves with each and every cake.

We just want you to know that we appreciate each and every one of you and our way of showing that is to give you generous servings -- no matter what the goody is.

This website is created for Cake Dots wedding cake information, party cake information and for fun.  There are lots of dancing smilies etc. on here for
two reasons:

1. Parents look at this website with their children and the children love them.

2. We like them too.             
It seems that the posted Saturday pickup time is not working very well, so we are posting it up here at the top too.     
  Saturday pickup TIME is between 10 a.m. 
and 12 noon.
(The reason for these pickup hours is because we have wedding cakes that MUST be delivered later in the day; so, if the pickup hours do not work for you, just let us know and we will see what we can work out).  OK?  OK.

Also, if you would like to pick up your cake on MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursday or Friday, just let us know and we will be glad to set up a pickup time.  It's the SATURDAY times we need to set between 10 a.m. and 12 noon.  

If you MUST pick up your cake on SUNDAY
there will is a $25.00 fee
(how's that for incentive, lol)

The answering machine is a life-saver!
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Welcome to Cake Dots 
Party and Speciality Cakes Information !
Address, Map & Directions

Cake Dots is a home bakery/business and takes appointments for wedding cakes only; party and speciality cake orders are placed by phone.  
Telephone Hours Monday through Friday
9 a.m. to 1:45 p.m.
The best days to reach us is Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday,
however, we are here every day 'til 1:45 p.m.
By the way, if you call and DO NOT get the answering machine,it's because we are already on the phone 
please call again
CASH $$ is preferred. See the "PartyCake Payment Options" link above but this is Cake Dots last choice. Thank you
We realize that it seems we have a lot of extras and requests and we SINCERELY apologize for having to do this, but Cake Dot finally gave up on being trusting and then have no one call, cancel at least two days before due date, or even bother to pick up the cake.

On a Tuesday in September, 2013 when Cake Dot was just getting over a terrible cold and did not feel like baking, she took a 2-D custom cake order on good faith, thinking she would feel better closer to the weekend.  Even the order was less than a week before the requested date, Cake Dots didn't even ask for the $15 rush order.

Then Saturday came and went with the cake still in the fridge.  We believe it's the same person doing this on a regular basis.  Apparently she has nothing better to do that cause us to spend money on ingredients and spend a lot of time baking and creating her custom cake. The past several months we tried asking for a partial payment up-front but when it's kinda rushed, as in this case, that's almost impossible to do.  We have always feel uncomfortable doing and this and besides, we got back into our "trust people" mode.  Not good and definitely our bad.

Words cannot express how disappointed Cake Dots is with people who think it's fun to go out of their was to cause other people harm in the way of time and effort, money and creativity.  BTW, this order was for a 12x18 single layer Baby Tiger cutout cake and extremely detailed.  Grrrr.

Please see our "Naughty Customers" page.  We made this page because we have become so heart-broken with some people.  Hmmm, on second thought, we may have removed the list from the navigation list but we do keep a list of people who have ordered and not paid or bounced a check.  There are days when we get so upset that we are very tempted to make it public all the time.  Depends on our mood . . .

Cake Dot is absolutely the WORSE secretary/receptionist in the entire world; so, if we have not returned your call within a timely manner please understand our predicament and call again.