We apologize for having to do this, but this is the last time Cake Dots will take an order on trust and have no one call, cancel at least two days before due date, or even bother to pick up the cake.

Tuesday, Cake Dot was just getting over a terrible cold and did not feel like baking, but thinking she would feel better closer to the weekend, she took the order on good faith.  Cake Dots didn't even ask for the $15 rush order.

Then Saturday came and went with the cake still in the fridge.  We believe it's the same person doing this on a regular basis.  The past several months we tried asking for a partial payment up-front but when it's kinda rushed, as in this case, that's almost impossible to do.  Besides, we got back into our "trust people" mode.  Not good.  Sorry.

Words cannot express how disappointed Cake Dots is with people who think it's fun to cause other people harm in the way of time and effort, money and creativity.  BTW, this order was for a 12x18 single layer Baby Tigger cutout cake.  Grrrr.
New stuff, new ideas and new whatever Cake Dots finds that is cake-fun will be added as we think and create them. We are working, working, working . . .
July 2009 - Cake Dots was totally surprised to receive a call from McDonalds to create a 30 year Happy Meal birthday cake for August 1, 2009.  We created this cake and learned that it was a huge success.  We have never done anything like this before and were very pleased to get such positive feedback about how the cake looked and tasted.  As one McDonalds rep told us, she had just returned from a Chicago party and a similar cake was created for the 30th birthday party there and Cake Dots cake was much better!  We were completely blown away because Chicago has such fantastic cake artists.  :)
Top then left to right:  Cake with fondant Ronald McDonalds on each side of the Happy Meal, which was cake covered in fondant sitting on cake iced with buttercream; Rick and Tad arriving with the cake; and finally, Rick, Tad and Cake Dot with the Happy Meal cake.  Fun, fun, fun!!
Columbus, Ohio
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Cupcakes !!
There is no picture, sorry, but Cake Dots is offering their wonderful homemade, rustic iced company-style "Seafoam" cake.*  This is a cake Cake Dot has been making for her family for approximately 40 years and just now thought of offering it to you.  

Cake Dots favorite is Devil's Food cake with the "Seafoam Icing."  But the dark chocolate fudge is also just as fabulous.  

This cake is perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas or really any time of the year.

8 inch (2 layer) serves approximately 20 = $37.50
9 inch (2 layer) serves approximately 25 = $46.00

Be warned:  1 piece per person is not enough!! 

                 *The cake and icing doesn't taste like seafoam, it's just the way the swirls of                    icing look.  
Mini Cream Puffs -- If you love cream puffs, you will definitely love Cake Dots cream puffs -- promise :)
(BTW, you can have just powdered sugar, chocolate ganache or both toppings; as you can see, the above has both)
Ok, we are a little slow but new stuff will show up eventually.
TiarasWe have discovered some cute little tiaras and we recently started using them on some children's cakes, however, adults are now requesting them!  Fun, fun, fun!!
Cake Balls as shown:  $2.00 each
(you may choose any of the colors shown including chocolate on chocolate)

These are perfect for showers, parties and our favorite: tailgating. 
We offer the basic cake flavors of chocolate, yellow, white, almond white, red velvet or snickerdoodle with chocolate coating.

The answering machine is a life-saver!
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Welcome to Cake Dots
New Stuff and Info !
Cake Dots is a home bakery/business and takes appointments for wedding cakes only; party and speciality cake orders are placed by phone.  
Monday through Friday
9 a.m. to 1:45 p.m.
The best days to reach us is Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday,
however, we are here every day 'til 1:45 p.m.
By the way, if you call and DO NOT get the answering machine,it's because we are already on the phone 
please call again
OK.  Starting October 15, 2013, Cake Dots must request that all first time customers pay at the time of order via PAYPAL
Cake Dots was proud to be asked to make the Birthday Cake for the 2013 United State Marines.
Actually, we have done a cake for the US Marine Corp for 2014 and someday, Cake Dot will put the picture here.  She is getting so slow at updating this website.