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This is my "Baby Molly."  I love her to pieces.
On June 10, 2004, I was devastated to lose my beloved Molly.  I miss her dearly.  She would snuggle with me early in the mornings while I had coffee in bed, she would snuggle with me watching TV, she would talk to me all day long and keep me company when I was by myself, and she would greet brides and join in the conversations too.  I miss her so very, very much.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, this is probably how I look on those "hard-to-get-up" mornings, definitely how I feel . . .
Here is another picture of Molly with my darling husband, taken about 2002.  I think I have a very good looking and the most wonderful husband in the world; of course, he goes have his moments when he isn't "so wonderful," but I also have them once in a blue moon too. 
July 23, 2006 -- Where has spring and most of summer gone?  Tad has been free-lancing with a title company May, June and all of July so far.  But, bless his pea-pickin' heart, he has been keeping me in buttercream icing, and during the couple of holidays we've had (Memorial Day, Independence Day and I think there was another), he has been here helping me bake and decorate.  In addition, he and his wife, Dee, have given up their Saturdays to help deliver, set up and decorate some of the cakes I haven't been able to do.  I have to admit though, Tad is absolutely a genius in decorating the cakes with flowers, and I have received fabulous comments from the brides and parents about his work.  Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!  I bet I have the best son in the world.  Oh yeah, I don't want to forget my DIL.  She helps Tad and also does a wonderful job.  I am so lucky.
While Tad has been working elsewhere, Ashley, my 14-year-old niece, has been helping and learning.  So far, she has been able to make cakes, crumb-coat and make icing.  About the only decorating she has mastered is putting dots on the quilted cakes.      She loves that.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot, she did make a birthday cake for one of her friends and iced and decorated it completely -- check out the Bratz cake for Missy. 
Here is a picture of Ashley that was taken while Tad and Dee were delivering a cake to Darby House on West Broad a few weeks ago.  Isn't she a cute girl.  I took her shopping Friday afternoon at Tuttle Mall and got some school clothes for her -- several tops and a couple of pants and a pair of shoes, plus some jewelry.  Needless to say, I sure wish I had a daughter but Ashley fills that void for me.  I also love her to pieces.  She's very quiet and I am hoping in my heart that she will do good in school this coming year.  She did pretty good last year, plus she loves to read, so I am pretty confident about her grades this up-coming year.

Well, let's see. What's new?  I have done some different designs this year than in the past and am pleased with the way they have turned out.  I cannot wait to do the cakes I have lined up for the rest of the year.  Wow.  My brides have wonderful ideas and I love doing the different decorations.  I hope you have or will check out the latest wedding cakes.  And now that I am feeling so much better and my leg
is practically back to normal, I can feel the difference in my decorating.  I love it.  And, I am wearing normal shoes!!  OK, I need to stop here and check on some cakes I have in the oven and get my tail in gear.  I have a busy month ahead and tons of flowers and buckeyes to make.  Fun, Fun, Fun.
August 13, 2006 -  The only thing that I have to say right now is that we are busy, busy, busy and I love it and, I have discovered that I love gladiolas!! 
October 26, 2006 -  Wow, this year has gone by sooooo fast it's almost unbelievable.  I think I was able to see a couple of summer days and this week, I saw one beautiful day, lol.  I cannot believe that it's almost Thanksgiving.

Also, I have to admit, I was a little stressed and there were a few weeks that I felt like I was working -- a feeling I don't like.         So, for 2007, there are going to be some changes made and I will be scheduling a few weeks, here and there, that I will do NO wedding cakes.  My DH and I will plan short weekend vacations or day trips.  I think it's about time we start enjoying the nice weather when we have it. However, I am definitely concerned about buying supplies and having everything I need for weddings if I take time off now and then.  In fact, I have started setting aside weeks that I will not do weddings.  After all, this gal isn't a spring chicken anymore.  Plus, Tad, my right hand, is now working with a title search company and he loves it.  He has always loved that work and the opportunity arose and he jumped.  The company is good enough to give him days off to help me when I have a little more than I can handle -- Soooo nice of them. 

I have scheduled physical therapy to help with my broken leg.  Apparently the injury has caused me to walk wrong and has put strain on my back and right hip.  Geesh!  Getting old is no fun at all.  Also, I am starting to have major problems with my thumbs!!  Thumbs!  Can you imagine!  I guess I should be thankful that I don't have to have therapy for my mind, lol.  That would be a waste of time anyway because there are not enough breathing brain cells in my head to work with.

Oh!!  Ashley helped me tremendously the past week (she had teacher conference day--therefore, no school day) and she spent it with me helping.  She has become quite good at putting the pearls on cakes with quilting and last Friday, actually did her first Cornelli lace design.  I am so proud of her.  Here are two wedding cakes she helped with: 

Didn't she do a fabulous job?
October 31,, 2006 -  I have been meaning to put the picture of the Dancing Rabbits on my Wedding Cake page whenever I had a delivery to that Golf Course -- and right now, I can't remember the name of the club but the Dancing Rabbits are so cute.  I will post a picture here without the name of the club.  I have to do it now before I forget to show you again (and again and again, lol). 
November 15, 2006 -  Wow!  What a year this has been.  I have had so many "different" things happen it's almost hard to believe that they could happen is one year.  First the broken leg, then hiring Tad to help me, then hiring Ashley on an "as needed" and teaching basis, then being extremely busy with the nicest brides alive --  this has been a wonderful year (without the broken leg episode, lol).  However, I am now ready for a little R and R and getting excited about Thanksgiving (my favorite) and Christmas.  Thank goodness for the internet.  I have all of my Christmas shopping done via ebay and Amazon.  Whew.  It will be dangerous for me to enter a store now.  I will definitely see other stuff and will go over board with getting more gifts and really blow my checkbook and credit card out of the water.  But it's fun.

Wow again regarding next years wedding cakes!  I am finding that brides are booking cakes so much farther in advance than ever before.  I cannot believe how many cakes are already scheduled for next year and it's only the beginning of November!!!  Goodness.  However, Tad has taken a job he really wanted for a long time and is not here to help me and Ashley is back in school and has homework.  Bummer to both things.  I really enjoyed Tad helping.  You can tell we are mother and son because I taught him to think like me and our brains are in sync -- we can actually read each other's minds!! 
Note:  I was a single mother for 25 years after I divorced Tad's father and since there were only the two of us, you can imagine how close a mother and only child can be, and I tried to teach him in everything I did -- even goofing with relationships and credit cards and other stuff that happens in life.  There were never any secrets I kept from Tad and tried to share those as learning tools.  I am so proud of him and I know you can tell that in my posts.  :)  I just want him to have the best and happiest life possible. 

OK, enough mushiness, lol.  Back to wedding cakes.  In regard to this past year's wedding cakes, I have had some real challenges and hope everyone likes the results.  The latest challenge was the crocheted wedding cake (316).  Before that, it was the huge fondant roses cake (241).  Apparently the first rose cake was ok because I got and have more requests for the same design.  You cannot imagine how good my lungs are from holding my breath.  :)  But that is what makes cake decorating fun.  I like to do new and different things and I will turn down something I have doubts about.  I certainly don't want to mess up a brides dream.  That is one of the benefits of having your own cake business, you can say no if you have too.  However, that hasn't happened yet -- thank goodness.

I did, however, not like my tilted cake (314) because it did not turn out like the professional cakes I have seen on the web.  I struggled with it and thought it was just ok but the bride was ecstatic -- again, thank goodness.  She loved it.  Tad said it looked a lot better in person than it does in the picture.  I am not sure if I will attempt another tilted cake. 

Well, time to turn on the oven and get to baking.  Lots of stuff to to do today for Saturdays weddings.  I have two weddings for November 18!!  The BEAT MICHIGAN game day.  I am so glad the brides planned well and have the weddings before the game and have TV's at both receptions, lol.  Like I said, I have really nice brides and they are smart too.
November 22, 2006 -  Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and my favorite holiday.  I am having Thanksgiving here and really need to get out into the kitchen and rattle those pots and pans, lol. 
January 6, 2007 - Well folks, it's a new year, all the wedding cakes are done and new ones are coming up soon.  However, this month of January is my time of rest - whew!!  And, if I am careful, I won't fall like I did last January 9 and break another leg.  I cannot believe how long it is taking me to get to walking normally and I can't wait to feel like my old self. 

Last January 9, I signed up for Curves in the morning and that night, broke my leg.  I am hoping to get back to Curves when my doctor gives me the ok.  Keep your fingers crossed. 

Thanksgiving and Christmas were wonderful.  We exchanged gifts and no one overspent and we mostly had a wonderful time just being together.  Also, we did not overstuff ourselves either.  I think the eating healthy is starting to sink in.  Now if only we can start losing.  I have started walking       for about 15 minutes twice a day and have drafted my mother into walking with me.  She will be 83 this coming June and I still picture her in my mind as being in her 40s.  Strange how we see out parents.  :)

Tad is working at a job he loves but informed me the other day that they may start laying off, and since he is the newest, he has a change of being the first to go.  What a bummer.  Sighhhh.  But with Gods help, we will be fine.  God will tell us what we need to do.  OK, I don't want to get mushy or overly religious here because this is supposed to be a fun page, and I think this is what you call a blog but I am not sure.  I am still finding out new computerese. 

Time to get off of here and get ready for the OSU Basketball game that comes on in about 15 minutes.  Speaking of OSU, I can hardly wait until Monday for the Championship Bowl.  I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping with all my might that the Buckeyes will win.  Go Bucks!!
March 20, 2007 - Well Bummer!  Poor Tad was Lucky (?) enough to get downsized again, all due to the Governor's budget cuts, which effects the company Tad worked for, and now Tad is out of a job -- a good paying job too.  Bummer again!!!  Of course, he will always have a job with me and so, my little baby is starting up his baking career again.  He is so disappointed about the other job and has decided, "No more."  He is going head first into toning his baking and decorating skills and believe me, he has a wonderful imagination when it comes to decorating party cakes - both for kids and adults.  He is a life saver for me.  I seem to freeze when someone requests a party cake.  :) 

OK, I am not going to make this long as it's time to turn the oven on and get busy.  Yeaaaaaa about that.  It has been somewhat of a slow start this year, mostly due to the fact that I was limiting my wedding cakes, but now that Tad is back, I am so happy to be busy.  Yeaaa, fun times ahead.  I love it.

Want to know something very important to me?  I want to get a building of some sort and move my baking there so Tad and I can have more room to work and expand our business, and possibly hire a person or two to help.  However, that is a ways down the road but that is my dream.  I hope you approve.  :)
April 19, 2007 - I am anxiously waiting the the onset of the wedding season.  I have had enough rest and need to start baking.  I have some beautiful cakes lined up this year--colorful ones too.  I can hardly wait. 
May 1, 2007 -- Oh my gosh!!  I am so excited I can hardly type fast enough.  I had the most fun this past weekend with classes from Geraldine Randlesome, who is in the I.C.E.S. Hall of Fame and creator of the Creative Cutters in Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada.  Geraldine was on the team of cake decorators who created Princess Diana's wedding cake!!  Wow.  And, that was when Geraldine was just starting to become famous.  She certainly has talent and we learned so many things. I just hope I can keep them in my head which is bursting with ideas right now.  Which reminds me, I must get busy on baking cookies this morning.  Would you believe that I received a call from Pepperdine University in California to make cookies for their volleyball team!  God is certainly watching over me and giving me orders to help keep us busy and give Tad a job. 
From left to right: Geraldine Randlesome, Alan Randlesome and Cake Dot (I would love to be tall).
May 1, 2007 (part 2) -- I forgot to mention above, I have redesigned the website and changed my little girl logo with the flying cake.  I just can't be a completely serious person--life is too short.  Anyway, I hope you like the new layout and different funny little things.  I apologize for being so wordy but I can't find a way to cut that down.  I just seem to find so much to say.  OK.  I will be quiet now. :)
July 8, 2007 -- Wow, wow, wow.  This wedding season, so far, has been absolutely wonderful.  My wonderful brides are requesting beau-ti-fullllllllll cakes and having such pretty colors and everything is going so well.  I am so happy.  I certainly hope the rest of the year is just as nice and pretty.  I am so blessed to have such nice and pretty and thoughtful brides (and grooms and MOB's and sisters etc.)  All of us are especially pleased this year. The weather is wonderful, the new support system I purchased works great (talk about expensive but apparently worth it), and we are feeling in the best of spirits and having tons of fun making wedding cakes for fantastic brides.  Thank you..  Hugs.  :)
August 14, 2007 -  Boy, again what a week or two can make!  My brides have been wonderful and the cakes are so pretty; plus I finally got my kitchen island finished after a year of living with the worse and ugliest island in the world.  I am so glad when my brides call with feedback about their cake.  I cannot thank my brides enough for letting me know about their cake.

Well, August is a busy month and so is September.  I have cakes to start baking for this weekend so I am heading off to the kitchen.  It's 7:00 a.m. and the oven has been preheating for an hour, so I need to get my tail in gear and start mixing.  Tad should be here soon.  Oh!  speaking of Tad.  I promoted him to Sous Chef, lol.  I finally looked up the definition of Sous Chef and since Duff (Ace of Cakes on the Food Channel) made Geoff Sous Chef, I made Tad Sous Chef.  LOL.  As I mentioned before numerous times, we have fun baking and decorating and delivering and making brides happy and we just plain act goofy too.  Love you guys. 
September 12, 2007 -  This has been a fantastic wedding season and it isn't over yet.  My brides have been wonderful and I have received so many compliments from my brides and their families I can hardly believe it.  This morning, I noticed a second post in my Guest Book by April's mother regarding their wedding cake.  Not only that, Monday a bride made a special trip here to tell me about her wedding cake and all the raves her guests had.  She also wanted a stack of my business cards to pass around.  Boy!!  I need a tight-fitting hat to keep my head from swelling.  Seriously though, this is why I love making wedding cakes.  The feeling afterward is fantastic and I feel so good.  With the earth's so-called warming warnings, the memorials to September 11 attacks (I know the media says "tragedy," and yes it was a tragedy, but it was an ATTACK), and all the sorrow in the world, wedding cakes and the look toward a happy future makes me very happy. 

My brides have been a little more bold this season, using a lot of color and different shapes which is a wonderful, stressing challenge, lol.  However, the stress is a good stress and again, when we receive such compliments, it is soooooooo worth it.

Also, on September 6, Tad graduated with honors from ITT and he would have gotten another honor of perfect attendance if it had not been for one hour!!!  Oh well, the graduation with honors is good enough for me.  He makes me so proud.  

And, speaking of being proud of Tad, yesterday he purchased and planted five large containers of flowers for my mother in front of her home.  This, he said, was for Grandparents Day, and it make my mother so happy.  We have the best son and the best grandson in the world.  He not only takes care of us, but other people around here.  When he sees someone taking their trash cans to the curb, he will stop his car and help (Cake Dot lives in a senior community and many of the people here have trouble walking and balancing).  Tad is a true representative of a Boy Scout and an Eagle Scout.  Did I say I was proud of him?

OK, time to get the oven on and get busy, cakes for this weekend need to be baked and iced and decorated.  Yeaaaaaaaaaa.
On November 13, 2007 at 1:40 a.m., Don and I were devastated again to lose our beloved Tiger, brother to Molly.  Tiger is shown sleeping on the top of the chair and was the best people/social cat (the same social skills as Molly).  Tiger would greet people when they opened their car door and welcome them into our home.  There will never be another Molly nor Tiger.  He will be missed so badly.
January 6, 2008 - Can you believe it's 2008 already?  2007 was an extremely busy year especially July 7, 2007.  Cake Dots did seven cakes that day and had to turn down tons of other brides.  Wow.  Busy day!  Anyway, we survived it plus the rest of the year.  Finally we are slowing down a little and trying to get in a little R and R, but now Cake Dot's mother is moving next door and Tad and I are moving fools, lol.  Packing, loading and decluttering Gramma's home is a challenge not only in actually doing it, but there is a difference in opinion what should be kept and what should be pitched or donated or whatever.  :)    Gramma has stuff.  It's not messy but with Gramma's 85 years of "collecting," it is quite a job.  Other than that, everything is fine and dandy.  Between the moving process, Cake Dots is continuing scheduling weddings for the coming year and definitely still loves meeting the brides and grooms.  Plus, the consultations gives both Cake Dot and Tad a break from the packing, lol.

Oh, almost forgot to mention, since we lost Tiger, we thought Emily would be lonesome and we opened our home to a new 2-year-old kitty we named Sally.  However, Emily is not taking kindly to Sally and it has been a three-ring circus since Sally's arrival -- which is not good.  Maybe I should say it's been a three-ring Boxing Match, lol.  Also, I have never seen Sally walk anywhere, it's always been a flash zooming though the house, lol.  Maybe we should call her Flash instead of Sally. 
April 9, 2008 - April showers bring May flowers -- I can hardly wait for the flowers part. 

Well, Mom is moved in but she is stillllllllllllll unpacking.  Yesterday my darling husband and I went over to hang more stuff.  Last Thursday, Dee (Tad's wife) took a vacation day from work and hung pictures for Mom.  Whew!  Did I mention she has a lot of stuff:  clothes from about 20/30 years ago plus shoes and believe it or not, makeup.  I am having the hardest time talking her into getting rid of that makeup.  She always says, "But this cost . . ."  Who cares?  Throw it away, lol.  It doesn't seem funny at the time but when I sit here and think about it, it does.  :)  My mother . . . :)

And speaking of clothes, I grabbed hold of Tad and made him go shopping with me for some pretty tops yesterday morning because I needed a second opinion on some things.  There is a get-together coming up and I would like to go and I have or should I now say "had" nothing to wear other than Walmart's cheapie tee shirts, which are mostly stained with food coloring.  So I found three tops and I felt so pretty.  Now, I am somewhat encouraged to get more active in losing weight.  Those full-length mirrors are not nice!  Ugh, lol. 

In other so-called news, my oven decided to act weird and my darling husband put in a new thermostat and it did not help.  (My darling Don is able to fix just about anything imaginable -- almost anything.)  So, we had to go out and buy a new stove.  The oven is not quite as big as my old one, mainly due to the fact that this new one is a convection in addition to being a regular oven, and that little fan takes up precious room.  However, we will figure something out for those larger tiers.  Half-cake pans are now needed and thank goodness, I have them.  One bummer is they do not make a 17 inch half pan, so, Cake Dot will have to refigure the cake chart.  

And finally, our new little Sally is finally learning where her home is and has brought two gifts so far -- both snakes plus a tick which we found on her yesterday morning.  Thank goodness I had some of that flea and tick stuff and we put it on her lickity split.  Sally has also learned where my mother lives and visits her on a daily basis.  Mom lets her in and she checks out every room in the house with an occasional hop on Mom's lap to be petted and say a word or two, and then she finishes the inspection and then wants out.  I think she is a little social butterfly.  :)  She is so cute.  I will take a picture of her and post it soon.  A real baby.  I just wish she liked to be held and cuddled.  All she will do it let you pet her and down she goes.  If you try to hold her, she squirms something fierce. 

Well, that's enough for today.  I need to get busy making buckeyes for a wedding this week plus I need to return calls.  So much fun.  I love it.
May 9, 2008 - First of all, I am writing this is red because I am red hot.         I had my hair done today at Kenneth's Salon, located on Stringtown Road in Grove City, Ohio.  The length and color is fine but the cut is the pits; when I get my hair done, I expect it to be "done" and looking better than when I went in.  Ron Newman, the "master designer and master colorist," asked what I liked.  I replied that I wanted to look professional and explained the type of work I did.  Ron asked if I wanted bangs or just wear my hair back.  Apparently he did not listen because I distinctly said I wanted bangs because I thought I would look a little younger.  Guess what?  No bangs.  No professional look.  This hairdo looks worse than it does when I get up in the morning.  I look like I should be living in the back woods with no civilization around and no comb.  This is not good.  Ron, according to his business card, is a MASTER STYLIST, so don't tell me that all a master stylist knows how to do is toss hair in his fingers and say, "There.  How do you like it?"  (I was at the screaming point at this time and thank goodness it was a silent scream).            All I could say was, "Is this it?"  "Well," he replied, "I can curl it.  Would you like it curled?"  (Heaven forbid I would want my hair curled at a hair salon.)  The only thing I could do was just look at him.  So, I guess he read my mind and his interpretation of curl was again different than mine.  He barely touched my hair with a curling iron and then again, tossed my hair in his fingers. "How do you like it now?"  I just looked.  He replied to my silence, "Well, this is what I know how to do.  All my clients like this style."  Style?  Did he say "STYLE?"  Oh well.  I was so happy to get out of there.  Never again will I go to Kenneth's Salon and expect to come out better than I went in.  I am still fuming and everyone here at home is feeling the heat.           I am so hot -- and that's not meant in a good way.  I used to be "hot" when I was younger but now the word means something entirely different, lol.  Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh.  I hate my hair . . .
May 22, 2008 -- I am feeling a little down today, so I thought I would write something on here and bring you up to date and maybe put me in a better mood.  Rough day today.  We are working on a Darth Vader grooms cake and it is turning out to be so hard -- it's his face, lol, or what is supposed to be a face.  I have worked on it all day and Tad worked on it when Darth was getting the better of me.  Boy, I sure hope the groom likes it.  :)  Also, now that I am thinking or trying to think of good things, I must tell you that the Darby House in Galloway called last week and asked if we would make a cake for their bridal tastings.  I was so excited.  I made a yellow basketweave dummy cake for display and a very pretty "real" cake to be served.  I chose the yellow basketweave because it seems that the brides are not choosing the basketweave lately, and I wanted to show how pretty they could be.  Also, I wanted something that would contrast from the cake being served. 

I must say however, that the white buttercream cake was gorgeous. I don't mean that in a bragging sense, but I was so proud of it when it was finished.  Here are the pictures of those cakes.
It would be exciting if the brides would be a little more adventurous and ask for curlicues and fancy wedding cakes.  It was so much fun making these two and I especially like the white one.  I love the curlicues on the sides.  Of course, the river in the background looks pretty too. 

Oh!  On page 10, we did a prince frog grooms cake that was darling.  I am waiting patiently--sort of--for the bride to let me know how the groom liked it.  Here is that picture:
I suppose since I am showing you the grooms cake, I should show you the brides, lol.  It turned out really pretty: 
What do you think?  Gorgeous.  Tad and Dee did the setup of these two cakes.  I love them to pieces.  OK, I am feeling much better now.  I guess all it takes is for me to look at a few pretty cakes and give thanks to God for what wonderful brides I have.  Plus, I always thank him for Tad and Dee, and Don, and my mother, and my two babies (Emily and Sally).  I feel silly now for being down this evening but thank goodness, that is over.  I think I will now get a nice cold diet Pepsi, with tons of ice and veg in front of the TV for a little bit.  Tomorrow is going to be a realllllllllly busy day and I need to be in the best of moods.  :)
June 16. 2008 -- Well folks, my bubble has been burst.  I received a message from that a bride does not like my website and this is long after she contracted and had her wedding cake, last September, 2007.  I remember her very clearly and when she came for her consultation, she also brought her parents.  All three said they came to me because they loved my website.  Now, she says my site is not professional.  I have never intended my website to be "professional."  It is meant to be fun and make people smile. Oh well . . .
June 17, 2008 - Well what do you know; I feel a lot better than I did yesterday.  I got feedback from the frog and Darth Vader brides, plus wonderful feedback from an OSU graduation cake for Sarah.  The frog was received fabulously as was the brides wedding cake.  I kinda figured they would be fine but actually getting feedback is wonderful.  As for poor Darth Vader, the bride said he was the hit of the reception.  Whew and thank goodness.  He was soooo ugly, lol.  Everything with that wedding was great too.  As I have mentioned before, I have wonderful brides and I actually give thanks to God all the time for sending me the best brides in the world.  Then, just a few minutes ago, I received a message that my guest book had been signed and it was from Sarah, who received a Block O from her mother upon graduation from Ohio State.  It really, really made me feel good.  You have no idea how feedback makes my day.  I feel on top of the world.  Thank you so much.
We also did several tilted/mad hatter/topsy turvy cakes and they are now so much fun.  Remember the first was was scary and I was not totally happy with it, but now, I love them. Plus, we did a really cute snail wedding cake design and Tad made the Snail topper for the happy couple.
January 18, 2009 - Where in the world has '08 gone?  It was busy and we made many unusual cakes.  We did the frog cake above and also a cute, if you want to call it cute, crawl-dad grooms cake; and believe me, this cake was huge.  I bet it was 2 feet long and a good 12 wide in the middle of the body, not counting the legs.  Fun, fun, fun. 
We still have the best brides ever and we were voted higher in '08 than we were in '07 by the Knot magazine brides.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, I can't get my mind into gear and remember if there was any exciting stuff that happened.  My mother is still unpacking after a year in her new home.  The AC died and we had to replace it -- ugh.  The hot water tank sprang a leak and half of a small bedroom floor had to be replaced due to the water damage and thank goodness for home owners insurance.  But still, we had to pay the deductible but that was certainly a lot better than footing the entire bill.  Definitely a big Ugh here, lol. 

I found a new salon who does my hair the way I like it; both color and cut.  Except (I bet you were expecting an "except" here), no matter how good I think they are, when I get to the car I have to make some minor change.  :)  But at least they are not like Kenneth's in Grove City.  I even tried Jason's on Third Street and did not like my cut and style and believe me, they know how to charge. 

So far this year, wedding season is slow for January and February but we are finding brides are still getting married and waiting until the last minute to get their cake.  Thank goodness for that.  :)
I think we have several weeks completely filled for June and getting close to filling several other weeks during Wedding Season and it's only January 18.  We have lowered our price and calling it a "Winter Sale" for the month of January to help with the economy.  We know things are getting tight all over so we are trying to help the best we can. 

Anyway, time to get to the laundry and figure out what dinner will be today.  Tad is home with his wife and probably doing the same thing as I am.  I am totally vegging this weekend.  We have some cakes coming up for birthdays and I am totally freaked.  Alice in Wonderland!  How in the world am I going to do that?????  Anyway, vegging today and thinking will start tomorrow.  Thank goodness the sun is shining brightly even though we are having that record breaking cold.  The sun really helps.
The evergreen trees were made of chocolate and the small mushrooms were fondant.  The cake itself was iced with chocolate ganache.  Again, we didn't exactly know what we were doing and it turned out great. 

The first attempt at anything is always scary but now, we are anxiously awaiting to try another unusual cake design.  The actual cake is no problem as we know it will taste fantastic but our home-grown art skills are both challenging and fun.
The crawl-dad/crayfish is covered with fondant with green buttercream garnish.  :)

We at Cake Dots did not have to take a field trip to New Orleans to photograph a crawl-dad.  We did it via Google, lol and snicker, snicker, snicker. 
March 7. 2009 - Well, nothing new is going on except we are doing lots and lots of birthday and party cakes.  :(  Wedding season hasn't really started yet and I am in "wedding cake" withdrawal and about to go nuts, lol.  I would do a wedding cake in a minute over 15 million party cakes -- wedding cakes are my "therapy" plus I absolutely, positively love the final result and love looking at what I have done.  I hope you don't take that as being conceded but I take a lot of pride in my wedding cakes and cannot wait, and I repeat, I cannot wait until the full swing of wedding cake season is upon us.  (HURRY UP!!)

There have been a few wedding cakes since January 1, 2009 and I really have to get those pictures posted to the website.  Doing these party cakes takes up a lot of time, especially computer time, looking up cartoon characters and stuff.  Sometimes we MUST take field trips and our field trips take tons of time to see how a certain animal or piece of "art" looks, similar to Duff on Ace of Cakes, however, our field trips, even though expremely time-consuming as just mentioned, are a lot less expensive than his as we do ours via Google, lol.  <-- ewww, so bad but the devil made me say it.  :P   (Now that was not lady-like but I think it's funny in my weird sense of humor - sorry, lol.)
Columbus, Ohio
Who is Cake Dot? con't

"Cake Dot" is ME! Actually, it reflects my interest--Cake -- and of course -- Dottie, Dot or Dots is my name.  However, we have taken the apostrophe out of "Dot's Wedding Cakes, LLC" and now call it "Cake Dots Wedding Cakes, LLC" to make it pleural (Dottie and Tad--the dots).  Get it?