Who is Cake Dot?

"Cake Dot" is ME! Actually, it reflects my interest--Cake -- and of course -- Dottie, Dot or Dots is my name.
May 11, 2004.  We finally moved into our new home and most of the boxes are unpacked, and most of
the "stuff" is put away, however, there is still so much to do.  But, here I sit, playing on the computer
and letting everyone know how happy I am.

This home is gorgeous and far better than the old one.  I now have plenty of room to bake and decorate wedding cakes, which is one of the reasons we bought this--a huge kitchen. 

We have three bedrooms and one is now the computer/cake room and has all my cake flavorings, fillings etc..   The third bedroom's closet is now storage for all the cake pans and cake plateaus and miscellaneous stuff.  The amazing thing is that all my cake supplies will fit in the two smaller bedrooms, we are still able to move around without being crowded!!  Nothing cake related is in our master bedroom.  :)
Another way I try to help brides save money is by providing the smoothest buttercream icing possible in place of using fondant.  Don't get me wrong, fondant is fabulous but it does cost a little more.  I pride myself in making my buttercream smooth enough that it can almost pass as fondant in looks.   I love working with fondant just as well, but it's up to you, what you want in a wedding cake.  I just want you to know that if you are on a tight budget, you can have a "smooth as fondant" looking cake made with buttercream icing.  :)  Is that cool or what? 
I became interested in cake and cookie decorating in my mid-twenties when my son was about two years old; however, I didn't become really serious until the Winter of 2001 when I took a couple of courses in cake decorating--first at Heavenly Candies in the South End of Columbus, then classes at Joann's on Sawmill Road. After retiring from "desk duty," I decided I didn't want to work part-time, and since I really had great interest and somewhat of a natural talent in cake decorating, and enjoyed it so much--I decided that is what I wanted to do; I must confess that I have enjoyed every minute of it since. I spend every minute thinking of cake decorating, I am constantly buying videos and viewing them over and over; attending ICES Days of Sharing and learning many, many new things. I think I buy just about every book and magazine I can find regarding cake and wedding cake decorating, and have spent many hours
looking at other decorator's work on the internet--trying every new design I come across. My head is so full of ideas and there just isn't enough time in each day to do everything my mind is telling me. But, I am working at it.

Since I was about 14, I have baked and decorated cakes and gave almost all of them away--including wedding cakes! And, after deciding cake decorating was really what I wanted to do, I decided to work on a website to show my skill and also to get a cake and cookie business going. It took me four different website hosts before I could actually understand the directions for creating a website, and six months to get one put up and running -- it was rough, but finally . . . Many times, I would get so frustrated with creating a website that I almost gave up, however, when I realized it was actually being viewed, and when I started receiving calls and orders from California, New York, Texas, England and even Turkey, I realized my love for decorating was a worth the website headaches and wanted more, more, more! I was thrilled to say the least. My customers have been very pleased with their cakes, cookies etc., and I, of course, was more than happy to create something special for them. I am definitely hooked on making, baking and decorating (I make fantastic pies too), and am looking forward to many years of creating beautiful sugar art.

Now, some personal information about me, other than loving to bake etc., I am a wife and mother. My Darling Husband is wonderful and most of the time shows the patience of a saint (in training).
April 5, 2003: I have just returned from the most delightful and fun cake decorating class I have ever attended: Earlene Moore's cake decorating class held in Brooklyn, Michigan (March 31 through April 2, 2003). Talk about a slave driver! Work, work, work from 8:30 a.m. to sometimes as late as 9:45 p.m. with only a minimal amount of time for lunch, and hardly any time for dinner (ok, so some of us are slower, lol). This lady has no sympathy when in comes to wanting to teach you everything she knows; she also shares every little secret held in that talented head of hers. This is a wonderful lady and so very, very patient and nice. Please check out Earlene Moore's site and cakes at this link:
First of all, I like people, I like to be happy, I like to smile, and I like to make pretty things. I like to make pretty cakes and cookies for people to make them happy, and, I take pride in what I do and I take making, baking and decorating cakes and cookies very seriously.

April 4, 2004. Today is our 13th wedding anniversary and I love my darling husband more than ever.  Anyway, we are moving soon into a brand-spankin' new home on a postage stamp sized yard--yeaaaaaaaaa. Actually, it's a modular/mobile home right off of 270 south. The location will be extremely convenient for delivering wedding cakes and easy access for people to visit me. Right now the home is set up and most of the utilities are installed. All that needs to be done is finished spackling and touch-up painting, then the dreaded moving in and placing things where the belong. :)
I also have a wonderful son who is married but has no children. My mother is fairly close and both she and my son, along with my darling husband, help me when I need help -- basically watching but that's fine. As of now, my son is in the planning stages to assist me with making icing, cakes and cupcakes.  Did I say I love him dearly?

I am a member of ICES, the International Cake Exploration Society, and look forward to attending the Days of Sharing that are held every few months to learn more about cake and cookie decorating, and even candy.  I also get to meet fellow decorators who enjoy this art as much as I do.  I have even started a Cake and Cookie Decorating group at http://groups.yahoo.com in February 2002, and have a membership of approximately 350 at this time. The group is wonderful in helping other decorators, both beginning and experienced, and are eager to share their expertise. They are a wonderful group of cake decorators.
April 13, 2005.  This has not been a good year as far as feeling well goes -- I seem to have had one bad cold after another and thank goodness, it has not been wedding season.  This week, and especially today, I am feeling so much better and cannot wait to get busy.  I am feeling like my old self again, lol.  Also, I am happy to announce that I have joined Jenny Craig and have lost a hair short of ten pounds in 3.5 weeks--yeaaaaaaaaaa.  Believe me, this is hard.  Anyway, the sun is shining,  the sky is blue and the birds are busy chirping--a really nice day. 
April 9, 2005.  My darling husband bought a brand-spankin' new storm door for our lovely home and put it in all by himself--without one bad word!!         It is absolutely perfect!!  I can now have the front door open and see outside at all the sun we've had for the past few days, and if I want to raise the window for air, presto--so easy.  Best of all, the window and screen go completely to the floor for our two wonderful children to see out.  I have such a wonderful husband.  He spoils me rotten.
May 9, 2005: Yesterday was Mother's Day and it was terrific.  My darling son and his wife, Dee, brought, hung and planted three flower boxes on my front porch.  It looked fabulous.  I am so lucky.  Plus, my darling husband (DH), helped straighten the house, run the sweeper, wash windows and mirrors, emptied the dishwasher and refilled it and then grilled the delicious steaks for a family get together.  We had my brother, along with his wife and daughter, my mother, DH's parents and Tad and Dee for dinner.  Not much of a dinner as far as side dishes, but we had the delicious steaks, asparagus pan seared in a little olive oil and butter, and a salad comprising of baby spinach, romaine lettuce, iceberg lettuce, green onions, red onions, tons of chopped garlic, croutons and we forgot the tomato -- I just now remembered, lol.     Everything was great, plus the wonderful weather and the beautiful sunshine put the finishing touches on the day.  I am so lucky.
August 26, 2005: Finally, about a month ago, I got a new-used van--a light tan Toyota Sienna   This van is an 2002 model and is sooo much more quiet than the other, plus it has rear-air which helps a lot with cake delivery.  I love it.

Also, I have had the most adorable MOB's.  They are so thoughtful and kind and I love it when they tell me about the reception and the cake, especially about the cake.  Yesterday, a MOB brought me a huge, beautiful mum which I am planning to plant in the front, next to the driveway and sidewalk.  I was flabbergasted to say the least but how thoughtful of her.  Wow.  She said she wanted to get something that went with the color of my home and she sure did.  Wow again.  As I said, all my MOB's have been wonderful and have gone out of their way to return cake boards when they needed to be returned and to, wellllll, just make me feel so good about the cake I made for them.

Again, I am so blessed that I am doing something that is a lot of work but work that I enjoy tremendously.  Even though I retired from "work," which was eight hours a day, five days a week, this "job" is practically 24/7, and often is hard as far as lifting etc., but it also seems so much like play and therapy -- enjoyable therapy.  Plus, the final cake is soooo worth it.  I just stand back and am in awe with what God has given me.
September 13, 2005.  Whew!  The past couple of months have been busy, busy, busy.  Some days, I have worked from 6 am to 10 p.m. and my poor "ewe's not fat, ewe's just fluffy" body definitely feels every little moan and groan.  But, I still love this "job."  My wonderful son helps me more than before since his full-time job was down-sized, and I cannot tell you what a wonderful experience it is to work with your son.  I do believe I have the best son in the entire world.  BTW, his name is Tad.  He now makes most of my buttercream icing, can bake almost as good as me and is getting pretty darn good at decorating.  He and his wife also help deliver and set up wedding cakes when I am unable to do it.  I love Tad more than life and I love his darling wife just as much.  I doubt if life can get much better.

Speaking of life getting better, I get great pleasure out of some things other people might think is silly.  For instance, I could not wait until my darling husband finished his shower and came into the kitchen last night.  I just had to show him my masterpiece and of course, I had to take a picture.  This is just two of many perfect cake layers I've done (lol, nothing like patting your own back!), and I feel so good when they come out of the oven like this.  Of course, there are times when the layers are a little tilted but that's ok since I level my cakes.  Anyway, my mouth is starting to run wild here, so I will be quiet and share with you my perfect layer. 
Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, aren't they beautiful!!! Pretty, pretty, pretty.
Today is October 9, 2005.  I am a little tired after this weeks weddings because they were a touch more challenging.  We made a Jeff Gordon's NASCAR cake and we had to travel to Cincinnati to find both the pan and the edible decals.  Also, since Jeff Gordon was a "discontinued" item, it cost two fortunes!  LOL.  Of course, I did not pass the price on to the poor bride -- she had no idea and neither did I. 

The house is a total disaster and I should be catching up on laundry and finding the dining room, but here I sit, talking (again).

I want to share a picture of my baby boy, Tad, who helps me with everything.  I love my baby to meeces pieces to say the least.        We could be identical twins if I weren't his mother.  We actually read each others minds and I never have to worry about him--that is, once I've shown him once or twice.  I have to admit though, sometimes he has better ideas than me a couple of times  Here he is, acting silly as usual.
This is Tad's "baker" pose.  I had taken the date thing off of his digital camera and thought I had also changed something I shouldn't have and we were testing it to see if it still worked properly.  It did, thank goodness.  However, I just could not delete this picture and decided to post it here.  He will die, lol.
October 28, 2005 -  We just returned from our first vacation in over 16 years and boy, I was amazed at how much fun it was.  We misjudged the time to go to Savannah, GA and booked two motels for the trip down.  What a waste of both time and money.  I now have a very tarnished reputation because on the second day of traveling, we arrived at out destination about 5 -6 hours early and had to spend 15 hours in a silly little hotel room.  There was absolutely nothing of interest to see or even bother to see other than -- yep, you guessed it, Walmart.  Wow.  Besides that, it was the worst of worst beds of the entire trip.  Anyway, we learned a lesson.

We arrived in Savannah, GA on Monday, October 25 and again, arrived at our hotel much earlier than anticipated.  However, at least we had fantastic things and places to see.  Our hotel was one block from the beautiful bay and within walking distance of the River Street walk.  You cannot believe all the shops, restaurants, points of interest Savannah has.  I loved it.
This is Mulberry Historic Hotel in which we stayed.  Talk about beautiful!  Our room was fantastic as was the king-sized bed and the rest of the furniture in the room.  We also had a very nice sofa plus many extras. 
This is the beautiful entrance to the hotel.  When we arrived, it had been raining earlier and the hotel puts very nice, fluffy towels on the mantel, over the fireplace, for the guests to dry themselves.  I have never heard of such a thing.  Can you tell this girl has led a very sheltered life, lol.
As you can see, the lobby is fabulous.  Every evening for several hours, there is a pianist and the music is wonderful.  There were always someone in the lobby playing cards, chatting with friends, business people etc.  There were always baskets of fresh apples in several places in the lobby/living room.  It was just beautiful.
Isn't this a beautiful courtyard?  This was just steps away from out room and everyday, it was swept clean, the flowers and trees were pruned and not a scrap of litter anywhere.   Again, it was beautiful.
This is the same courtyard at night and I was hoping you would be able to see more.  There is a gas lamp in the background, close to the dining room.  The hotel served breakfast, lunch and dinner in that room and it again, was fabulous.
River Street and a lot of the surrounding streets are made of cobblestone brought over from Europe, which were used as ship's ballasts when Georgia was first settled.  Georgia then used the stones to make streets, walls, and buildings.  Very neat. 
This is just a short section of the fantastic shops along River Street.  Each one is amazing and so interesting.
The River Street Sweets Candy Store was one of my favorites, needless to say.  :)
The above pictures are of a candy maker making taffy. I was amazed to see how this was done.  The second picture is my darling husband watching the taffy process and I headed out for more goodies--yeah, like I need them.
After a hard day of watching candy making and me spend money, my darling husband had to take a well deserved break along the river, watching tugs, paddle wheels, private boats and huge ships come in.
Isn't he cute. 
This is important!  If I understood our tour guide correctly (yes, my DH and I took the Paula Deen Tour through Savannah), the tug boats with the "M" on them belong to Paula Deen's husband's (Michael) family.  I am not sure if they belong to him or his family.  I found this to be very interesting; hence the picture of the tug with the large "M."
This is just one of the very nice parking areas along Bay Street, and behind and down below it is River Street.  There are also a lot of nice shops and restaurants along this street too.  There are so many restaurants in this area of town, I bet I could visit a different one each day of the week for a year.  Wish Columbus had an area like this.  However, if we did have something like this, you'd be rolling me everywhere, lol.
Above is a very nice bakery in Savannah -- Rum Runners Bakery and from what I've heard from several local people I asked, it's outstanding.  They make fabulous cakes and desserts and their wedding cakes are gorgeous.  I was lucky enough to meet with the owner, Mary Anne and also meet her wonderful staff.  Mary Ann is the third from the left with her manager, Calvin to the far right.  The two young girls are super nice and very good at baking and decorating for such a young age. 
Above is Uncle Bubba's Oyster Shack in Savannah GA.  It was wonderful and one of the stops during our Paula Deen Tour.  This is my husband and I coming out of Bubba's after a wonderful lunch with a couple we met from Marysville, Ohio.  For Lunch, I had the fried oysters with french fries and Cole slaw, and Donald had the Crab Cake Poor Boy.  Both were yummy.
Wow, the picture below is another picture of me and my darling husband, just after having a fabulous, but way too filling of a dinner at The Lady and Son's Restaurant in Savannah.  Boy!  Do we look stuffed or what???  We did behave ourselves and eat only until we were satisfied, but being the last day of our stay in Savannah, and after having lunch at Bubba's the day before, it was almost a struggle to eat at Paula's.  And, when we received our dinners, we just could not believe our eyes.  Wow, so much.  We never should have ordered the Fried Green Tomatoes appetizer, because along with the hoe cakes served and the salad (my husband had a salad with his dinner), we were stuffed before our dinners arrived.  Needless to say, we were tired and full.  Thank goodness for take home containers.  We were ready to come home, as you can plain see by our pictures.  BTW, I had the Fried Oysters and Fried Shrimp along with some sort of red potatoes and Cole slaw -- the shrimp and oysters were very, very good but I did not like the new potatoes covered with poultry seasoning (sorry Paula).  To me it tasted like eating "poultry seasoning."  Maybe if they used just a touch of the seasoning, it would have been better; or just have plain, ole new potatoes covered with melted butter and chopped parsley!!  Of course, Donald and I have all sorts of leftovers for dinner tonight (10-28-05).  Donald had Paula's Chicken Pot Pie and it was both delicious and ENORMOUS!  Yes, we have leftovers of that too.  :)  As a reference for Paula's chicken pot pie, Don said it was even better than Stouffers -- much better. 
The tired and homesick Joyner's; stuffed to the gills and my hair looking like something the cat drug in.  We were definitely tired !!!
Some of the beautiful scenery on our way home.  Ohio, however, had the most colorful leaves but it was way too dark to get a good picture.  BTW, it took us two days to get to Savannah and only 12 -1/2 hours to get home.  Ahhhhhh, to sleep in our own bed with our two loving children, Emily and Tiger.
June 24, 2004 --  In January, 2000 Cake 'n Cookie Dots became a homed based cake business and created this website, however, we have now officially changed Cake 'n Cookie Dots to
"Cake Dot's Wedding Cakes!" 

I found that I enjoy making wedding cakes more than anything else, so I have limited my baking to wedding cakes.  Plus, I truly enjoy meeting the brides, brides mothers, occasionally the bride's family and the groom. 

In addition, I decided to keep my prices low because I know the struggle brides are having making ends meet, and I just want to make wedding cakes, so my low prices are my gift to the happy couple.
Yea, you are seeing right; I am a lousy cook nowadays and one night, my darling husband had to have Focaccia bread for dinner (it was very late and too late for an actual dinner), and the next a Stouffers TV dinner.
Today is November 23, 2005.  I should be in the kitchen rattling those pots and pans but here I am, playing on the computer again. 

The wedding cakes are slowing down a little and it gives me a day or two to catch my breath and reorganize a lot of things.  My website is looking a little old but who isn't, lol.  Also, I need to rearrange the house and decorate for Christmas.  This is a wonderful time of year and I love Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I can hardly wait until tomorrow so I can stuff that old bird (the turkey) into the oven.  I don't know about you, but one of my favorite things is oyster stuffing.  I have already made and am aging a wonderful cranberry chutney -- my husbands favorite that I make for him every year.  I made a huge batch so we can freeze it for later.  Also, I need to make a couple of pies and like I said, I need to get into the kitchen.  So, I had just better get my tail into gear and start something good.  I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving tomorrow.  And thank you for all the wonderful memories you have given me.  Also, I want to thank God for giving me the opportunity to meet such people and do what I love best -- make wedding cakes.  He has given me a wonderful time of life.
Today is November 28, 2005 and boyyyy, what a couple of days can do.  It's pity-party time!!  My computer died two days before it's second birthday and I am really ticked.  But, there is nothing I can do except get another computer, and mind you, it was on a credit card my darling husband asked me not to use.  Ohhhhh boy.  But what else could I do?  Soooo, here I sit with a new computer, can't figure out much of anything, can't find the cd for my pictures so I can put cakes on here and I am about ready to screammmmm.  In addition, I told MicroCenter to fix the other computer so my dh can use it because it would certainly be better than the one he is currently using.  So, maybe my PowerSpec dying was sort of a good thing (keeping my fingers crossed). 

I did a search on ebay and I think I found a program like the one I was using for my pictures, and since it was so old, I bid and hopefully I will get it.  I doubt if $1.99 for a picture program can be all that bad.  We will see. 
Today is February 6, 2006  and I just returned from the doctor with fantastic news!!  I'm pregnant!!!  :)  Not really, lol.  However, I am on my way to mending pretty good. 

On January 9, I fell and broke both ankle bones plus the bones in the middle of my left foot; the good doctor said that the only thing holding my foot to my leg was skin--can you imagine!  It was definitely an "OUCH."  Surgery was scheduled for January 19  and all went well.  Since January 9, I have done nothing but sit with my left foot propped up and sleeping almost the entire day due to the pain medication.  However, there is light at the end of the tunnel and I am so happy.  New x-rays today look fabulous and only four weeks with this cast and then possibly I will be able to stand and maybe even walk.  YEAAAAAAAA.  I am so thankful that this happened this time of year when weddings are sparse.  The doctor says I should be practically 100% by April.  YEAAAAAAAAAAA again.  My husband, son and daughter in law have been wonderful and have taken care of all wedding and cake orders since my big break.  I am so blessed to have them.  My husband (Don) has waited on me hand and foot.  I want for nothing.  Coffee in bed -- this is nothing new because I have always had coffee in bed for the past 20 years -- all meals prepared and served to me.  All laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping etc. have been done without one word of complaining.  He is absolutely wonderful.  Tad has baked all the cakes, made all the icing and even decorated most of the cakes.  When completely medicated, lol, I have been able to decorate a couple wedding cakes.  Can you imagine such a wonderful pair of men in your life.  Dee, my DIL, works and has given her Saturdays to help deliver and set the wedding cakes up along with Tad.  Again.  I am so blessed.  On days when cake supplies need to be gotten, my mother has spent her time babysitting me.  Sighhhh.  I love my family so much.  

Anyway, I cannot wait to get back to making my wedding cakes.  I have a very serious case of withdrawal and I want to play, play, play.  I do have some fantastic cakes coming up and I cannot wait to get elbow deep in the icing. 
March 4, 2006 -- Finally!!  DH and I went to the doctor yesterday and got the cast off, thank goodness.  It had been on for a month and was definitely driving me nuts.  The infamous itching had started and I used everything I could to itch those itches -- the handle of a backscratcher, scissors (dangerous I know but I was desperate) and even a very sharp bread knife plus the sharpening steel.  The bread knife has a "Don't try this at home" warning attached, lol.  Even though I did not cut myself, I was just a touch nervous about using it but it worked.  DH questioned why it and the sharpening steel were in the sink when he hadn't used them --- Hmmmmm, I just told him I knocked them off the magnetic holder and they had to be washed -- lie, lie, lie but the devil made me do it.  :)
This is the second cast I had on.  The first one was a pretty blue and it only lasted a week.  I thought this red cast was going to last a week and had purple all picked out but after this was put on, the doctor said, "I'll see you in a month."  Boy, what a bummer.  Aren't those the cutest toes you've ever seen . . . DH likes them . . .
This is what I have now.  Pretty, huh? 
The new "boot" is the next thing to walking on my own.  I can at least put weight on my foot and try to get around with a walker or crutches.  It hurts more than I imagined.  I thought when I got the cast removed, I would be able to walk normally but noooooooo.  Big bummer.  But, at least this is getting me started and I feel more free than I did with the cast.

Speaking of being free, I did made a hair appointment for this coming Wednesday.  My hair is the pits and needs trimmed badly.  Thank goodness I will be able to get around well enough for that.  Annnnnnnd, speaking of getting around, I am able to sample my chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache and whipped cream.  DH has been watching my weight and now that I can move more freely, I will be hitting the chocolate cupcakes now and then.  I will be careful though.  I have found that being overweight with a broken foot is worse than being normal weight.  I cannot wait to get back to Curves and start moving and losing.  I did, however, lose 6 pounds with this broken leg.  Nice.  :)  My darling husband takes good care of me.  :)
March 24, 2006 -- Wellll, thank goodness!!  I am beginning to walk on my own without the boot but don't tell my doctor.  I go back to him April 3 and hopefully, I will be able to start wearing shoes again.
You cannot believe how happy I am to be able to walk.  I think my darling husband is beginning to
get tired of being the domestic diva around here.  :)  The boot weights about 50 pounds (or so it feels) but I am able to walk around the kitchen and have even done some of the baking and cake decorating lately.  Tad is still doing most of the baking and letting me decorate.  However, he hates cupcakes and I love them, so that works out well.  I cannot wait this things are back to normal, which should be next month, and I can get knee deep in wedding cakes -- my love and passion.

Regarding my hair appointment, I apparently had played around with the color so much that the beautician said I would have to wait to become more beautiful.  Sigh.  Hurry up and wait is what is happening a lot to me lately, lol.
April 14, 2006 -- I am finally starting to feel like my old self again.  Boy, do I feel good to day or what? 
We just finished delivering a beautiful wedding cake to the Franklin Park Conservatory and everything went so well, it's almost scary.

I see the doctor April 25 and will have a silly screw removed from my leg and hopefully, that will be the end of a nightmare and the beginning of a wonderful spring and summer.  Speaking of having the screw removed, a friend of mine, who is quite ornery, told me that it was too bad when I had the leg surgery because I was screwed and wasn't awake to enjoy it, lol.  I guess that is one way to look at it.

Anyyyyyyway, I am off to the kitchen to start making a lot of buttercream icing.  Tad and his wife are having a yard sale and I am left on my own to start working in the kitchen again.  I wonder if I can remember how to run the mixer??? Hmmmmmm . . .
April 21, 2006 -- I am so excited!!!  I  am feeling great and I have wedding cakes this weekend and I think they just might be the prettiest ones I've done.  When the icing and decoration of the cakes look good to me before they are put together, the chances are they will be great and I love the designs I am doing today.  I can't wait until tomorrow when I deliver them and put them together and see the final cake with all the flowers etc.  I love it, I love it, I love it.  I hope you visit my Wedding Cakes page 5 and check them out -- after tomorrow that is, lol.  OK, gotta get busy . . .
May 7, 2006 -- Things are certainly lookin' up.          I've been de-screwed and gone is the ugly black boot;  I now have a white air boot that I have to wear until the end of the month.  At least it doesn't weight a ton and I am actually starting to walk like a normal person and not peg-legged Pete. 

Also, I got my hair cut but still have to wait until some of my own blonding work is gone so I can have it colored right. 

Also, and this is the best part, it is wedding season and I have been busy and lovin' it.  Making my beautiful brides cakes is beyond words and with each and every cake, I picture how the bride is going to react when she sees it.  Again, I love it.  If my leg were 100%, I would be doing the happy dance, lol.
Columbus, Ohio
I love this home and the neighbors are so nice and friendly  :)