Where is Cake Dots located?  Cake Dots is a home business and located at:
4392 Santa Michele Court, Columbus, OH  43207

Cake Dots is about 20 minutes from most locations around Columbus: Dublin, Hilliard, Gahanna, Westerville, Bexley, Reynoldsburg etc.  Since Cake Dots is just off of 23 and 270, it is very easy to get here.  And for those coming from Marysville, Powell and New Albany areas, it does take a touch longer but usually only one consultation is needed--it's not like you have to make a weekly trip to say "Hello."  :)  If you have questions, please call for help (our operators are standing by, lol).  

Please READ the directions before you click on the map link or the MapQuest link on the following pages.  Thanks.

Click here for directions From 270

Click here for directions from 71

Click here for directions from 315

BTW, MapQuest shows a street named "Aloha." The owners of Cake Dot's community* failed to put up a street sign -- duh.  Therefore, instead of looking for "Aloha," look for a brick entrance into "Enchanted Acres."  

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Directions to Cake Dots

Columbus, Ohio
I love this home and the neighbors are so nice and friendly  :)
*Enchanted Acres is an adult/senior mobile home community which has been written up in newspapers and publications nationally for it's clean, beautiful and well-maintained homes and landscaping.