Cake Dots is a HOME BUSINESS which means all business, baking and decorating is done in Cake Dot's home, which also means there is very limited space for family reunions, and definitely not enough room nor cake for the accompanying 3 generations that want to tag along.  Sorry folks.  Besides, if you sit down and actually think about it, the bride is trying her best to please everyone.  If there are 5-6 additional people at the consultation, everyone has their opinion as to what flavor the cake "should" be, an opinion of what "other" people might like and so on and so on.  Too many opinions is not a good thing.  This is totally confusing and frustrating to the bride.  She cannot and should not have to please anyone except herself (and maybe--just maybe) give a little thought to the groom.
Cake Dots will do everything possible to schedule an appointment for your wedding cake consultation that fits your schedule, even if that means having to schedule outside our business hours. We have a lot of brides coming from other parts of the state/country that are only in town for a couple of days and sometimes it's impossible to schedule during our working hours.  We are here to accommodate you so please tell us your situation and we will definitely work with you.
Cake Dots take tremendous pride in providing delicious and beautiful wedding cakes in addition to trying to accommodate our wonderful brides and grooms to the best of our ability. We also take tremendous pride in having the nicest and prettiest brides and most handsome grooms in the world; of course, we have heard horror stories from other bakers regarding their bridezillas but none have shown up here.              
We are proud to honestly say we have never had an unhappy
bride (knock on wood).  So, having said that, let's get down to business . . .
However, this does not mean that if you just don't feel like scheduling during our business hours we are going to stay up past our bedtime, Cake Dot definitely needs her beauty sleep.
We were once told by a bride that she could not make an appointment earlier than 3 p.m. because she did not want to get up "that" early!!!  OK people, let's get real . . . 
Cake Dots suggestions regarding our CONSULTATION
for your beautiful wedding cake
Columbus, Ohio
Address, Map & Directions

You can see why Cake Dot needs her beauty sleep
Scheduling a Consultation:
WEDDING SEASON consultations (May through October) We  realize most brides work and it may be next to impossible to get time off, so calling is the best way to find out what we can do to fit your schedule.  It seems that Saturdays are becoming more convienient not only to Cake Dots but for the brides, sooooooooo . . .

 During NON-WEDDING SEASON (November through April) Again, calling is absolutely the best way to find out what we can do to fit your schedule and consolations can occur just about anytime.  Taaa-daaaa again.
Number to Attend the Consultation
What to Bring to the Consultation
Answer:  YOU  :)   It is also very helpful to bring pictures of the cake designs that you like; these pictures can be from magazines, other websites from across the country or around the world or even from Cake Dots galleries!  Just a small picture will do.  We are just asking that you please do a tiny bit of homework and have an idea of what design, flavor etc.   The consultation should take no longer than an hour.  
If you like designs from Cake Dots website, please don't bring a list of cake picture numbers; Cake Dot has no idea of what number belongs to what cake.  
Also, Cake Dot does not have a computer available for your use, her computer is in the master bedroom and she prefers not to have people traipsing through her entire home.  
Directions to Cake Dots
Just click the little buttons below for detailed directions to Cake Dots.  WARNING!!  Do NOT use MapQuest, Google or any other website map, however, the GPS things seem to work fine.
Three (3); and here's why . . .
The same goes to confusion about the design.  It is called the "Brides Cake" for a reason.  Let the bride get what she wants.  Of course a lot of brides bring their groom or mother along to have a little back up support which is fine.  Most of the time the bride and groom decide what they want the flavor and design to be--this is the fun part of planning a wedding.  Don't make it stressful.  Just take a deep breath, have fun and relax.  There will be a lot harder decisions to make later in life but the wedding cake is the most fun.
Cake Dot gets really uncomfortable when the bride brings 3 generations plus several friends show up at the cake tasting; Cake Dot was brought up that it is very impolite to serve some and not others.  Therefore, Cake Dot has had to serve a lot of cake which also amounted to a lot of dishes!!  It is also uncomfortable to have a lot of people standing around when there are only 3 chairs available.  How would you feel?  Oh, and how would you feel trying to conduct a tasting with millions of children running around your home?  Please do not bring 15 million kids to the cake tasting/consultation -- please.
Therefore, Cake Dot strongly suggests that the number attending the consultation be no more that three (3).  THREE; 3,3,3.  This may include the bride, groom and one (1) other person.  Or it may be the bride, mother and maybe the maid of honor, or a sister, or future MIL or maybe no other person at all.  
So PULEEEEEEEZE, one more time, please limit the number attending the consultation to THREE.  Hmmmmm, can we make that any clearer? 
Cake ??
Hmmmm, so you want cake and eat it too???   OK.  We can do that!!   Cake Dots serve about 6 small samples of cake flavors and you can then get a pretty good idea we know what we're doing in the kitchen (we've learned what an oven is, most of it's parts but most importantly, we know where the knobs are and what to put in and what to take out).  Taa-daaaa.
It's OK to make an appointment for a consultation and NOTcall to reschedule or cancel
WRONG Ralph!!!  This will definitely place you on Cake Dots naughty list - not a good thing.

You have no clue how upset Cake Dot gets when a bride can pick up the phone to call and schedule an appointment but cannot pick up the phone to cancel or reschedule.  We go out of our way on certain days of the week to schedule your appointment, especially on Saturdays when we are supposed to be working on wedding cakes and delivering them.  Again, Cake Dot could just spit nails when she is waiting and waiting and waiting without a single boo from the bride.  That is downright disrespectful.  Grrr.  :)           

Cake Dots understand that when you make an appointment, something may come up and you cannot keep your scheduled commitment. PLEASE be courteous and call to reschedule or cancel.  After all, Cake Dots try to schedule appointments that meet YOUR needs and times.  Please be considerate; Cake Dots try to arrange their schedule and their family time to fit your needs.

Canceling a Consultation:
Warning Note:
Everyone over Cake Dot's entire life has tried to teach her the difference between "inside" voice and "outside" voice.  It has worked to some extent but when Cake Dot gets excited about wedding cakes, and especially with a happy couple she is extremely comfortable with, she may forget and start using that stupid, almost "outside" voice.  Every now and then you will hear Tad say, "Mommmmmm," that's his way of reminding her to be more so-called 'professional' (yeah, right!!).  
However, Tad thankfully has managed to keep Cake Dot's happy dance at a minimum (that is definitely not a sight for the faint!!) 

Thank you for your understanding and patience.
If you are reading this . . .
If you have read the above and are reading this, you are in for a surprise.  Cake Dots will give you a 5% discount if you book at the consultation plus make your payments or balance in cash.   How's that?  (You must mention this to us.  Surprise us !! )Thinking about it and letting us know later does not give you a discount.  
First things first:
Cake Dots "usually" has  a minimum of 50-60 guest servings for small wedding venues.  This depends on the schedule for the week in question.  Best thing to do is call to see what is scheduled.  Thanks.
The only other thing you bring to the consultation is a checkbook or money-honey.  We do not accept credit or debit cards. Sorry.
Calling for a Wedding Cake Price Check
or the dreaded,"How much is cake #8910 in your gallery?"     
Please don't take this as being a meanie, but Cake Dots cannot do a quick estimate on any wedding cake right smack dab in the middle of measuring, pouring and baking a cake, plus their math skills aren't that great.  For us trying to quickly figure up the details you have in your mind and then  transferring those images over to our minds can be slower than molasses.   Each and every cake on our website is priced individually—honest.  It would be nice if we could whip out a price but we can't.  
          In addition, calling and asking the price of cake #8910 is also impossible.  There is no way Cake Dots know how many servings each cake on this website serves (wish we could).  We do have good memories but not that good.       
Several years ago, our base price per serving was lowered to $3.75 but there can be a number of additional costs or circumstances affecting the total price, i.e. extremely elaborate design, black or dark design on white/ivory iced cake, tiers in different colors or maybe fondant flowers or other adornment -- simply put, you may want everything under the sun.  
Again, each cake is priced individually.
This is why we really recommend a consultation.  You CANNOT get an accurate price or even a good estimate via the phone.  Taking the time to set up a consultation and discussing your wedding cake with Cake Dots is the best way to have your questions answered, sample cake and have your wedding cake reserved.  Besides, we'd like to meet you.
How's that!?
P.S.  Yesssssssss, even though we live in South Columbus, we DO live in a nice, quiet and safe neighborhood.
 Monday through Friday
9 a.m. to 1:45 p.m.
However . . .
9:00 a.m to 1:45 p.m. 
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

The answering machine is a life-saver!
Thanks :)
former Cake Dot
present Cake Dot
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Cake Dot is absolutely the WORSE secretary/receptionist in the entire world; so, if we have not returned your call within a timely manner please understand our predicament and call again.