Basic Cake Flavors 

Almond White
Almond Yellow
and now by popular demand
Red Velvet!!!

Small Note: Try our delicious Chocolate Cake and Creamy Peanut Butter filling combination – a must for Buckeye fans.
Do you have a design in mind?
Would you rather create your own? 
You can create your design or you can give the honor of to us.   

As you know, the design is almost always the icing, you can create beautiful cakes with buttercream icing.

If you like a really smooth icing but don't want fondant, Cake Dot prides herself on being able to make buttercream icing almost as smooth as fondant.  

But remember, there are limitations of buttercream that only fondant can fix; i.e., beautiful flowers, bows, etc. 

What about cake flavors? 
Below is a list of our delicious, most requested and popular basic cake flavors; we also have a wonderful cake menu you can peruse at our consultation if you like.  Annnnnd, we can bake just about any flavor you want, just ask (except any "free" type cake listed above). 
Ok!! Uncle!!  We give up!! We will make Red Velvet Cake!! We know you love it and Tad loves it so Cake Dot will be nice and make it. 

You need to know that Cake Dot worries about the Red Velvet staining everything under the sun and has three issues she must list before you decide.  OK? 

1.  Everyone paid big bucks for those beautiful dresses and tuxes and it would be a shame to ruin them with a crumb of Red Velvet.

2.  As mentioned above, everyone loves it except Cake Dot so instead of passing Cake Dots taste requirements, it definitely passes Tad's and everyone else's. So you are safe there.

3.  And finally, Red Velvet uses tons of red food coloring (hence the name--RED Velvet).  

But, if you desperately have to have it and will die without a red velvet flavor in your wedding cake, we will make it.  How's that for satisfying customers: 

We will however, put our foot down on any other velvets out there in cake land.  We will ban Pink Velvet, Blue Velvet, Green Velvet, Black Velvet or any other "velvet" cake that appears on the scene. 

The end.  
A note about Cake Dot's Buttercream Icing -- Cake Dot's Buttercream Icing is also perfect for the warmer months, not just the cooler months; therefore, if the bride wants Buttercream, she can have it, if she wants fondant, she can have that too.  If you have questions, just ask . . .  
Cake Flavors
Columbus, Ohio
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Cake Dots CANNOT make nut freesugar freegluten free or any other "free" or "special recipe" cakes.  Sorry.       We are downright chicken to even try because if we goof, it would most likely be a total disaster and ruin your event.
Please, puleeeze, accept our apologies.

The answering machine is a life-saver!
Cake Dots is a home bakery/business and takes appointments for wedding cakes only; party and speciality cake orders are placed by phone.  
Monday through Friday
9 a.m. to 1:45 p.m.
The best days to reach us is Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday,
however, we are here every day 'til 1:45 p.m.