Cake Dots is a fan of Charm City Cakes who do every single cake in FONDANT.  As we mentioned above, you can do tons of stuff with fondant and it looks and tastes great.  And, even though we do a pretty darn good job at creating beautiful and one of a kind cakes, we don't have the staff to do the carpentry work!  But as mentioned, we do pretty darn good for being home-grown.         Keep in mind though that "special order" sculpted, 2-D and 3-D cakes are a lot more work than you can imagine.  Keep in mind that these special sculpted etc. are a touch more than your average bear.  We try to keep our cake prices reasonable.  Also, keep in mind that there is a difference between Baltimore, MD prices and Columbus, OH prices; Charm City has a minimum price of $1,000 per cake—no matter what the size!  Cake Dots is definitely more reasonable.  All of our cakes are not just baked and slapped with icing— they are lovingly created.      We mean that too!
Cake Dot has also discovered "Amazing Wedding Cakes," “Fabulous Cakes,” and "Cake Boss" and has developed a severe case of "re-runitis." We not only watch rerun after rerun of these programs, we record them.          We find these other programs  more informative. 

Cake Dots have also discovered the similarities between them and us; especially encountering the struggles and problems we run into when creating cakes we have never done before.  Plus, they seem to have as much fun as we do  . . . 

We love every tiny little thing about cake decorating . . .

Columbus, Ohio
Address, Map & Directions

Older cake pictures start in
Wedding Cake Gallery 1
Oh Boy ! How do we say this politically correct
Just start talking and if we are here/able, we will answer.
If you have already left a message and we have not returned your call, call again and start talking. As mentioned above, if we are here/able we will answer. 
Do not call and just hang up after our message.
Reason: We get tons of sales calls and it is driving us crazy. So we have started screening. If you want to sell us something or subscribe to something, we won't answer.  If you are talking cake--yea! We will answer if we can.  Thank you. Thank yo
Telephone Hours Monday through Friday
9 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.
The best days to reach us are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday,
however, we are here every day 'til 4:45 p.m.
This website is created for Cake Dots wedding cake information, party cake information and for fun.  There are lots of dancing smilies etc. on here for two reasons:
Parents look at this website with their children and the children love them. We like them too.             
Welcome to Cake Dots
$$ and All Sorts of Info! 
Just so you know what you are getting into, this is dealing with wedding cakes :)
New cake pictures are in
Wedding Cake Gallery 18
 Also see the "Party Cake Payment Options" link above but this is Cake Dots last choice. 
Let's put a note about payments here: 
- We DO NOT accept any type of credit        or debit cards.  
- We only accept Cash
Warning!  Warning!  Cake Dots try to explain things in GREAT detail!  In short, we don't know when to shut up!           In addition, both Dottie and Tad were born smart aleck's and there is no cure in sight.  They also have inherited a wry and sardonic sense of humor; both definitely love to tease—so be forewarned and take this website with the good humor that is intended
Calling for a Wedding Cake Price Check
or the dreaded,"How much is cake #8910 in your gallery?"     
Please don't take this as being a meanie, but Cake Dots cannot do a quick estimate on any wedding cake right smack dab in the middle of measuring, pouring and baking a cake, plus their math skills aren't that great.  For us trying to quickly figure up the details you have in your mind and then  transferring those images over to our minds can be slower than molasses.   Each and every cake on our website is priced individually—honest.  It would be nice if we could whip out a price but we can't.  
          In addition, calling and asking the price of cake #8910 is also impossible.  There is no way Cake Dots know how many servings each cake on this website serves (wish we could).  We do have good memories but not that good.       
Recently we adjusted our cost per serving to $4.25
 but there can be a number of additional costs or circumstances affecting the total price, i.e. extremely elaborate design, black or dark design on white/ivory iced cake, tiers in different colors or maybe fondant flowers or other adornment -- simply put, you may want everything under the sun.  
Again, each cake is priced individually.
This is why we really recommend a consultation.  You CANNOT get an accurate price or even a good estimate via the phone.  Taking the time to set up a consultation and discussing your wedding cake with Cake Dots is the best way to have your questions answered, sample cake and have your wedding cake reserved.  Besides, we'd like to meet you.
How's that!?
As you know, the economy is the pits.  Things are happening all over the world and everyone is worried about everything.  Every grocery item costs a fortune. Everything is tight and nothing is cheap—you definitely can't find penny candy anymore and if one more thing goes up in price, you will be able to hear Cake Dot herself scream wherever you are—this definitely would not be a good thing. We are desperately looking forward to the day we can actually make a profit and save it.  Geesh.  We (especially Cake Dot) really gets stressed but the fun of decorating cakes makes the struggle worth it (sorta, it would be more worth it if we had some money-honey). 
We have been holding our breath and standing on our heads to keep our prices as low as possible but the cost of cake supplies keep going up and up and there are actually some people think we get our supplies either wholesale or cheap or maybe they actually think we get them free.  However, we downright refuse to start using cheap ingredients; and it's definitely a real struggle at times.  We are doing our best to keep our business going and plan to stay in business for a long time to come.    Cake Dots know of four (it was three but recently there is another) wedding cake bakers in addition to several venues, bridal salons and florists who have either already gone out of business or are going out of business.  This is not good.  Even Cake Dots’ cake-board supplier has shut down and the speciality cake decorating suppliers have increased the limit for ordering supplies. THIS HURTS; especially if you only need a few items but must have an order of at least $125.!  Again: this hurts.  We are actually pacing the floor!  The cost of our basic ingredients never seem to stop going up, this includes the recently announced huge increase in the price of eggs, milk, sour cream, heavy cream and butter.  Wow.  But, we are trying to hold on.  Trying to hang in there.  We love our brides and grooms and will definitely do our best to keep their cake as reasonable as possible. 

We certainly understand that you are struggling with your $$'s just as much as we are, but it's YOUR wedding cake we are talking about here.  You DESERVE a beautiful wedding cake and we are trying to keep it affordable for you and believe us—it's hard).  We know you can certainly get more expensive cakes but that does not mean they taste better or are prettier—just take a gander of our Wedding Cake Galleries. 
Cake Dots have tried to check the price of many bakers and bakeries around the Columbus and Franklin County area.  A lot of bakers we have noticed do not want you to know what their prices are but we are sure they are higher than ours, hence the reason of not putting them on their website.  Not nice.  We have heard that some have a minimum base price of $5-7 and up, however, we do not feel comfortable raising our base price to those prices but we will say if we had a base price of $5-7, it would certainly help with our ever-increasing expenses. Actually, we have NOT raised our base price since 2004 and in fact, we have LOWERED it due to the painful economy several times in the past!!  We bet there isn't another baker who can say that.  Soooo, we have finally increased our price a touch but we are still trying to tighten our belt (which is REALLY a challenge for us--yes, we need to exercise  more and not do quality control as much on our cakes!!!!) 
You can also get cheaper cakes but be careful.  Not only be careful about what products are being used to make them cheaper, but are the cakes dry; how pretty is the icing and decoration; why are they so much cheaper?  If it’s actually a  “bakery” where they make all sorts of goodies to sell, does the baker buy in bulk?  Do they buy huge bags of cake mix?  Do they buy pre-made cakes?  How old are their products and supplies?  Do they use fresh eggs or are they dried or frozen?  Do they use preservatives in their cakes? We know for a fact that some bakers have a "production line" attitude and "production line" assembly which means your cakes are carelessly put together and carelessly iced!  We have actually seen some of those cakes while we delivered ours to another section of the event center.  We have also heard horror stories from the event staff which seem kinda funny unless you are the unlucky bride.   Geesh!).
We just can't figure out how someone can make a beautiful wedding cake less that we!!  The only thing we can come up with is that they must be using only water and flour!!  It's scary to us -- really.  Again be careful.  

And if it’s a small home baker (other than Cake Dots), the above questions still should be answered in addition to the question of how many wedding cakes have they made before??  Ask them if they can give honest to goodness bride references (not relatives).  Also, if the baker is really priced low, and if it is a home baker such as Cake Dots, are they experienced in baking, decorating and ASSEMBLING wedding cakes?  Are they insured?  Do they have all the necessary certificates and licenses?  And yes, Franklin County does require a health license!  Remember, with a cheap wedding cake it’s "you get what you pay for" and that is not good . . . We cannot say this enough: Be careful folks.

Again for the last time:  Cake Dots' cakes are homemade from beginning to end by Dottie, Tad and Dee.  We use not only the best but the FRESHEST ingredients.  Just remember that "cheap cakes ain't quality and quality cakes ain't cheap!"  Having said that, we ain’t cheap but we definitely ain’t expensive.      How’s that?

OUR PROMISE: Cake Dots want our cakes to taste good, look good and look good to eat, the kind of cake you want to swipe a taste of icing when no one is looking.  We want your guests to have the satisfying taste of a good, home-baked "COMFORT" cake.  We want your guests to ask, "Who made that delicious cake?  Who made that gorgeous cake?"  Yes, Cake Dots want it all!  This is why we use the best ingredients and why our ingredients cost more than the average bear.  Cake Dots promise that we will keep our present prices, continue to use the best ingredients, make the best cakes and do the prettiest work we can. How's that for a promise?

PROUD OF OUR WORK!!  You betcha.  All the cake flavors are OUR recipes and have not been handed down from generation to generation.  We want your cake to be ours and ours alone.  We have tweaked older recipes but the recipes that we use are ours personally.  Nobody else has our recipes.  Is that clear?   We worked very hard to get the taste we like and from our tons of great feedback, we are positive you will love our cakes too.  We are cake-tweaking fools.

Cake Dots DOES NOT buy anything in bulk and we shop weekly to get you the freshest ingredients.  That is what makes our cakes stand out far above the competition in taste and freshness (and don't forget the design).  This is how we got our Best of the KNOT and Martha Stewart's WeddingWire awards!  We also have an A+ rating with the Columbus Better Business Bureau, PLUS, and this is a BIG plus, we are also in Angie’s List.  This makes us soooo proud.  Cake Dot often wears a head band to keep her head from swelling with pride but has to watch for the cut-off of blood flow —that would not be good.

2010 Bride's Choice Awards - Wedding Photographers, Wedding Cakes, Wedding Venues & More
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Weddings, Wedding VenuesCake Dots Wedding Cakes, Best Wedding Cakes in Columbus, Lima, Zanesville - 2013 Bride's Choice Award Winner
Read all of our Wedding Cake Reviews at Weddings, Wedding Cakes,  Wedding Planning, Wedding Checklists, Free Wedding Websites, Wedding Dresses, Wedding Ideas & more
Check out the Better Business Bureau to see what the reputation of that baker is.
Cake Dots is licensed as a retail  bakery by the Franklin County Department of Agriculture and does carry liability insurance as well.

It is extremely important to know your baker's reputation, so check them out first before you are disappointed not only in the quality and taste but the design.  Also, small and rotating cake pictures might look good at a glance but how are they in larger pictures and in real life? Can you really study the pictures and see the details. Something to think about . . .

Cake Dots is also an LLC/Ltd. company, registered with the State of Ohio and was, until fairly recently, a member of the Better Business Bureau (see explanation below).
Due to the high cost of everything and especially the price of gas, Cake Dots must cut costs and instead of using cheaper ingredients which we have stated 15 million times that we will NOT do, and not increasing our prices,
 we have decided
not to renew 
our membership with the Columbus Better Business Bureau.

This was a sad decision but we had to do it . . .
We are not sure how this will work but please know that we STILL have an 
outstanding A+ rating 
with them and is/was extremely important to us.  

In order to keep from increasing our prices, discontinuing our membership was something we just had to go.  We are hoping the good information will be passed on to you from the Bureau.  

We also want you to know that we are also extremely proud of being on Angie's list.  Thank you.

Take a minute to look at the cake pictures of other Columbus Area bakers.  Are the pictures large enough that you can see them clearly?  Usually not.  Do they stay put so you can study them or do they scroll away?  Can you tell if the wedding cakes are neatly iced or do they look like a country dirt road?  Are the tiers stacked straight or are they leaning?  All these things count and this is why we are so proud to have the awards shown above.  Take a look at our wedding cake pictures and be sure to click to enlarge them.  This is what Cake Dots do and we love doing it . . .  

Cake Dots wedding cakes are priced per serving and all wedding cakes have our delicious buttercream icing, even under fondant.  However, there can be a number of additional costs or circumstances affecting the total price, example: an extremely elaborate design, black or dark design on white/ivory iced cake, tiers in different colors/shapes or maybe fondant flowers or other adornment -- simply put, you may want everything under the sun.  

Again, each cake is priced individually.  As for the number of tiers you want, that will have to be determined at the consultation and can be fudged here and there to get the look you want.

Free use of plateaus, pillars, water fountain etc. -- how's that? 

Your Cake Dots wedding cake is not assembly-line made nor is it made ahead and frozen; you are getting a freshly baked and iced cake plus our own custom handwork and design.  Remember, each order is made to your specifications and no one else's.  Each and every wedding cake is custom made and delicious.
CONSULTATION INFORMATION - Please click on the Consultation Information link below for further and more detailed information about our consultations.

Cake Dots does not always have every cake flavor listed on their menu available, but we do offer several cake flavor samples at your consultation; these are cakes from recent weddings because we want you to taste what our brides actually served to their guests. We definitely DO NOT make special "tasting cakes" to impress you and then make a cheaper recipe for your wedding (we have actually heard that some bakers do this—and yes, it's gossip).  What you taste at Cake Dots is what you get!

FONDANT ICING:  Cake Dots use the best fondant available—the same fondant icing used by Charm City Cakes, Cake Girls in Chicago, Buddy of the Cake Boss and many other famous bakers.
Fondant is a malleable sugar dough and has a neutral, sweet taste.  Do not dismiss fondant because you have tasted a terrible-tasting fondant.  The gross fondant is the brand that is sold in most craft and hobby shops like Michael's, Hobby Lobby etc.  Our fondant is really good.     We love it.  Fondant can be used to make sugar flowers, bows, drapery swags and many other  beautiful designs and accessories for your cake.  The fondant is placed over Cake Dots buttercream-iced cake which gives your cake a beautiful smooth porcelain-like finish to your cake.  Which, by the way, means you are actually getting two icings: the underlying buttercream and the fondant.  Fondant can be perfectly plain, it can be painted, it can be decorated with pearls, dots, diamonds or a million other designs.  Fondant is really popular now since the cake decorating programs hit the air and almost every single picture of a cake in the bride magazines are fondant covered.  The designs are absolutely limitless. 
If, however, you decide you really don't care for fondant, you can just peel it off and still have the delicious buttercream underneath.  We suggest you enjoy it.
CHOCOLATE GANACHE ICING: Cake Dots' recipe for chocolate ganache is out of this world               
and is a mixture of the best dark chocolate, butter and heavy cream.  It can be used just as is or whipped for a lighter chocolate, depending on your wedding cake design.  There are several wedding cakes iced with chocolate ganache in the Wedding Cake Gallery.   Check them out.  Chocolate ganache is used as a delicious filling or you can ice your cake with it.  Cake Dot loves chocolate ganache.  Her favorite cake is her chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache filling and then iced with the chocolate ganache.  This is to die for . . .

We deliver our wedding cakes almost anywhere in Central Ohio and we must admit we are pretty darn good at it too (yessss, we are bragging).         However, there are times when the smaller cakes must be picked up.  That detail is covered at the consultation.  There has never been one single problem with our delivery schedule or plan.  Don't panic when you read this because the pickup wedding cakes are teeny and even Cake Dot can carry/deliver them (she is not a 98 lb weakling, just a weakling). 

Also, Cake Dots has recently learned that most wedding cake bakers charge $75 minimum to deliver a wedding cake. We do our very, very best to keep the delivery charge as low as possible and reasonable. We will stick to that promise too.
Simple Cakes Are Less Expensive Than Elaborate Cakes No-no, no-no NO!       There is one design that Cakes Dot does not like and that is "no design."  What fun is no design? How pretty can no design be?  Ugh.  In other words, you think that to stay within your budget you go for the cake with no design and the cleanest lines imaginable. Simple.  An "I like simple cakes" person. Well, guess what?  That might cost you more.       You may as well go all out and the reason is that cake artists are able to hide little goofs behind the Cornelli Lace, scrolls, swags, swirls, etc., and thumb/finger dents behind flowers.           Cake Dot's DH (darling husband) is good at making these.   Your "really simple" cake with no design nor decoration has to be completely flawlesssomething for which we cake artists might make you pay an arm and a leg, especially if we ice the cake on a Friday and have to remove it all on a Saturday to redo it!!!                    Plus travel is not kind to "no design cakes."     Definitely another                     here.  So in a nutshell, your no design cake will be charged the same, if not more, as an elaborate designed cake . . .   (yes, we charge for design as do all cake decorators). 
Not a happy incident: We are extremely distraught and devastated to say we had one very regrettable incident involving a cake topper.          Now,Please note:  Cake Dots do not think this was actually a real, honest-to-goodness "cake topper," but something you would set on a shelf--a knickknack.   Anyway, the plastic heart had no base whatsoever with which to set it on the cake and the width of the heart was only about 1/2 inch wide (could have been less but we will be generous).  We placed the heart on top as we normally do and since there was no base, squashed it down as far as we could and it seemed secure and looked great.  

However, after we left and for some silly reason--maybe someone bumped the table or it just got tired--the heart fell; messing up one side of the cake. Instead of learning a lesson here, the poor MOB and a friend turned the cake around and placed the heart on top again and again it fell, putting more owies on another side of the most gorgeous wedding cake we think we have ever done (of course!! would it be anything else?).  This disaster would not have happened if more thought was given in the purchase and also more thought on our part for putting it on top, so we will definitely accept part of the blame since we placed it on the cake; but maybe we should have refused and placed it at the side of the cake but that is now hindsight.  But the moral of this story is to pick "cake toppers" and chose more wisely.  They must have a base.   We couldn’t make a 1/2 x 5 x 5 inch piece of plastic sit straight up on the top of a five tier cake for 3 or 4 hours.           Please brides, be careful.  Cake Dots do not want something like this to ever, EVEREVEREVER happen again.  We are not good at hearing bad things as you can imagine and this actually brought Cake Dot to tears.  One time is all it takes.  There will never be another time when a topper with no base will be placed on one of our cakes.  That we promise.  Sighhh again.  OK.  I am done lecturing.            
Does Cake Dots pay a fee to be recommended?      Cake Dots refuse to pay someone or an establishment to recommend us and we are PROUD that the establishments who recommend Cake Dots, do so because our cakes are gorgeous as well as delicious.  We do NOT MAKE DEALS with any venue TO BE RECOMMENDED.   Plus we do not pay a Printing" fee to have our name added to a printed list of preferred vendors  -- Isn't that payola?
Where is Cake Dots located? Cake Dots is a home business and located in South Columbus, easily accessible from Rt. 23/High Street and 270.  

This is a darling home and we really enjoy the neighbors and neighborhood.  Nice and quiet.  The yard and home upkeep in this community are strict.  However, as you can see from Cake Dots home there is no landscaping.  To Cake Dot, landscaping requires lots of yard work and weeding, both of which she really dislikes.  Keeping it simple is best.  Besides, with the cakes, who has time to go outdoors and play (not), lol.  I hate weeds.

Cake Dots REQUIRES an appointment since Cake Dot, not Tad,  may have her hair up in rollers -- it would not be a pretty sight!!  Please don't "just pop in."  "Popping in" is definitely NOT a good thing.   
Cake Dots is about 20 minutes from most locations around Columbus: Dublin, Hilliard, Gahanna, Westerville, Bexley, Reynoldsburg etc.  Since Cake Dots is just off of 23 and 270, it is very easy to get here.  And for those coming from Marysville, Powell and New Albany areas, it does take a touch longer but usually only one consultation is needed--it's not like you have to make a weekly trip to say "Hello."
Can I use fresh flowers?  Yes, of course.  You may also use silk or any other kind of artificial flowers but please don't use weeds!
Yeah. Cake Dots realize we get a touch wordy in our descriptions etc., plus we repeat a lot (Cake Dot's fault), but we want to give you as much information as possible.   

The above subjects are just a few things you might want to know or consider, and although some information may not concern you as much as others, or you may have a completely different set of concerns, always remember you are free, no extra charge, to ask whatever questions you have.
Cake Dots found the romantic meaning of flowers on the internet and thought they would share the following with you:
American Academy of Wedding Professionals™

White Carnation — remember me
Carnation — pure love
Daisies — share your feelings
Holly — domestic happiness
Honeysuckle — faithfulness
Ivy — fidelity
Purple lilac — first love
White lilac — innocence
Lilies — purity
Orange Blossom — fertility, happiness
Orchid — you are beautiful
Red Rose — I love you
White Rose — you’re heavenly
Red and White Roses together — unity
Violet — modesty
 Here are some wedding cake TIPS FROM CELEBRITY CAKE BAKER SYLVIA WEINSTOCK that Cake Dots found on the internet but can't remember where;  of course, Cake Dots realize that Columbus is not New York and some of the following does not need to be followed to the letter.  However, we hope the tidbits help you . . .
Excerpted from For the Bride by Deborah McCoy
It’s necessary to meet personally with the baker who will create the cake. Here's Sylvia Weinstock, that great celebrity cake baker’s, TIPS for success:
  • 1. The size of the cake must relate to the size of the room: Tall ceilings, for example, require a tall cake.  (Cake Dots 2¢ -- yessss, this sounds good and we agree.  We can design your cake to be taller -- you definitely don't want your beautiful cake lost in the room or be one that needs a magnifying glass!!) 

  • 2. The size of the cake must relate to the bride’s size and the groom’s: If they’re small people, the cake should not overpower them. If they’re tall, the cake should be also.  (Cake Dots 2¢ -- wellllll, we have seen some of Sylvia's cakes we definitely don't agree with the small people part but we do agree with the tall people part . . .  We feel that if you want a large or tall cake, you can have it, besides what if the room is gigantic as she mentioned above??)

  • 3. The cake must relate to its surroundings: If it's positioned in a formal, ornate room, the cake should be formal and ornate, too. If it's outdoors, surrounded by light and the beauty of colorful flowers, for example, the cake should also be colorful and vibrant.  (Cake Dots 2¢ -- this sounds like pretty good advice -- we agree)  

  • 4. The color of the cake must relate to room colors, not necessarily the bridal-party colors. Let's say your bridal colors are hot-pink and white and the walls of the reception room are paisley, green, and purple. Would you want a fuchsia and white wedding cake? When in doubt, go white.  (Cake Dots 2¢ -- Cake Dots wouldn't go so far to say THE CAKE MUST RELATE TO THE ROOM, and actually we have not thought of this before but it makes sense.  Of course it's YOUR cake so you can do whatever your heart desires.  So there.)

  • 5. Take reception time into consideration: If it’s a late-evening affair, serve a lighter cake, like lemon. If the reception is early afternoon, serve a heavier cake like chocolate.  (Cake Dots 2¢ -- again, Cake Dots has learned something that you may want to consider; however, we feel you can choose any flavor your little heart desires and Cake Dot herself would choose Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate no matter what part of the day it is!)
The pictures in Cake Dots Wedding Cake Gallery are the cakes that we have done and we publish a picture of every single solitary cake we make.  We do this so the bride can share her picture with her friends and maybe recommend us to future brides.  

These pictures also allow you to get an idea of something you may want.  You can change the shape of a particular cake to fit your style, you can change the design, you can mix the designs, you can change the color of the design, in other words you just use these as reference.  If a cake in our gallery is four tier and you only need a three tier, no problem--it can be done.  In fact, if you find a picture on our website, another website, in a book or magazine, please bring it to your consult and share with us; it helps us to design your cake.  Remember, each wedding cake is tailored just for you and we hope you enjoy looking at our creations.  We love to bake and decorate wedding cakes.  Hmmmmm, have we told you that before??
The best way to reach Cake Dot or Tad is to call.  
Thank you.
Cake Dot does offer FILLINGS and those are found on the Cake Fillings page.
Please note that Cake Dots use only the very, very best ingredients in their buttercream icing (and in their cakes).  An example is Plugrá Butter.  Plugrá Butter is absolutely wonderful in buttercream icing and below is a description of Plugrá butter:

Plugrá Butter Defined:  Plugrá, (pronounced PLOO GRA), is a European style butter lower in moisture and higher in butterfat than conventional butters. Plugrá butter imparts a richer taste and smoother texture to foods and is long preferred by leading chefs, bakers, confectioners and anyone who appreciates fine food. 
What's the Difference? 
Regular butter contains 80% butterfat. The remaining 20% consists of water and milk solids. Plugrá European Style Butter contains 2% more butterfat and is slow-churned in a way that creates a lower-moisture, creamier texture than other butters. 
Again, please note that we are terribly ashamed to admit that Cake Dot is absolutely the WORSE secretary/receptionist in the entire world. If we have not returned your call in a timely manner, PULEEEEZE call again.  She gets busy with cakes and when it comes to phone duty, 
she is definitely slower than a seven year itch!!! 
We are sooo sorry . . .
Please click on the Map and Directions link for detailed directions.
Columbus, Ohio
If you have questions, please call for help. 
SURPRISE:  We thought we would throw this paragraph in here to see if you are actually reading this page -- you are in for a surprise.  Cake Dots will give you a 5% discount on your wedding cake if you book at the consultation plus make your payments or balance in cash.    How's that?   (You must mention this to us.  Surprise us !! )
CAKE TOPPERS. Let's talk cake toppers here. 
 I am sure you are a very intelligent person and that is one reason you are reading Cake Dots notes and information.   So, when it comes to your cake topper (we aren't talking flowers), please use your wonderful pea-pickin' brain when choosing a cake topper.  Cake Dots will give you the dimentions of your top tier so you will know how big the base of your topper should be.  If you have already purchased a topper, please tell Cake Dot so she can make sure your topper will fit just fine.
2010 Bride's Choice Awards - Wedding Photographers, Wedding Cakes, Wedding Venues & More
Weddings, Wedding Planning, Wedding Websites, Wedding Checklists
We  consider  ourselves  extremely lucky  if  we  are  able  to  get  to  the  computer  once  a  week,  and  we  no  longer  are  able  to  play  and visit lots of  pretty  sites  like  we  used  to,  so  please,  please,  please  –  no  emails,  no  emails,  no  emails.
One  more  time:
No  emails  please.
Thank  You
Cake Dots do beautiful fondant cakes and designs, so if you want a beautiful fondant covered wedding cake, ask!! 
BUTTTTTT, we prefer buttercream.      
BTW, while you are at it, check out Charm City's website—you will be amazed at what they can recreate.  OK they are no longer on TV. However, you can remember . . .
Cake Dot does offer FILLINGS and those are found on the Cake Fillings page. Which are our favorites?   Hmmmmm, we definitely love chocolate ganache with chocolate, marble and yellow cake plus lemon filling with lemon cake and strawberry with white, yellow and welllll, the list goes on and on . . .
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!  Happy news!!  There is a very happy P.S. to this.  We received the most wonderful thank-you note from the bride and groom and they were very pleased with the cake; they said it was wonderful, it was the best tasting cake ever, they had lots of very nice compliments on both the taste and design, and best of all, they said they did not care about the topper fiasco.  This thank-you card was the best Christmas present you can imagine. We immediately said a "Thank you" and it made our Christmas a happy one!)
Cake Dots are constantly trying to out-do ourselves by making cakes that are not only beautiful but challenging and if you like, out-of-the-ordinary.  Inspiration comes from everywhere including our wonderful brides.  Each cake is individually designed to what you want and like. This is a good time to think FONDANT and tilted cakes!!!!  Yes!!  Cake Dots especially love tilted (mad-hatter, topsy-turvy etc.) cakes.  We also charge for them . . .
It's easy as eating a piece of cake!!!  

First call and schedule a consult and after we get your cake designed and flavors etc. determined, just give Cake Dots the required $75 date-retainer feeeasy!! Without the non-refundable retainer fee, your date is not secure.  

The retainer fee is deducted from the total cost of the wedding cake and yes, the balance, after the retainer fee is subtracted, can be, and preferred to be, made in two equal payments.  

The first payment is due 120 days before the wedding and the balance is due three weeks before the wedding.  This usually is the preferred method of payment.   

Cake Dots found some bakers require a 50% deposit of the total cost upon booking.  Yikes! Cake Dots' brides and grooms are normal people with jobs and budgets and sometimes have kids/car payments etc.  We try to make it as easy as possible and try to help the best we can.
I love this home and the neighbors are so nice and friendly  :)
What about cake plates/boards and other "special" equipment Cake Dots wedding cakes are placed on a beautiful white or occasionally a foil-covered cake plate/board.  We also have plateaus you may borrow in addition to pillars and fountains. 

There is a deposit required for the structural support of our wedding cakes.  This deposit is fully refundable upon return of the cake plates/boards and the structural pieces used to secure the cake.  

Please note, Cake Dots will cash the equipment check if the equipment is not returned in a timely manner.  Also, if the returned items are NOT CLEANED, we will cash the deposit check and depending on the condition of the equipment, mail a portion of the deposit back to you.  (Note: if you borrow a casserole dish from a neighbor and use it, do you return that dish back to your neighbor dirty?  No, of course not.) 

Pictured here is the structural support that a bride returned and for some reason, the bride was not embarrassed in the least to give this to Cake Dot.  Cake Dot, however, was fuming but kept her mouth shut (amazing).  Ya know, Dottie has problems with hot flashes now and then but nothing compared to the hot flashes she had when she saw this.   Good grief -- this was filthy and can you believe the nerve??  Grrrrrrrr.

Can you tell we are still upset?  Grrrrrrrr again.

Anyway, this structural system works extremely well and does cost $$$$.  Cake Dots are very happy with the system.  However, the company we got the cake structures from are no longer in business so it is EXTREMELY important to have the equipment returned. We are now in a frantic search for another structural system that is as good as this but so far, no luck.  We continually research and do everything possible to make your wedding cake secure and beautiful and your wedding day perfect.  Also, Cake Dots offers cake plateaus for you to use at no cost--Free!!  Just let us know.  There is, however, an additional and refundable deposit for the plateaus and other miscellaneous items needed if you want pillars, stairs, water fountains etc.  

Again, if the cleaned cake plates/board and/or other structural and decorative equipment are returned to Cake Dots within one week of your event, your deposit check will be either returned to you or simply voided and shredded.  Beyond that date and without special arrangements, the check is cashed.

Read our lips: if the cleaned equipment is not returned within one week (7 days maximum) the equipment deposit check will be cashed.  Of course, if you make special arrangements with Cake Dots, we will happily extend that time period.
If you look closely to where the arrow is pointing in this picture, you can see the bottle of Tums Cake Dot had to take by the time she unwrapped this mess, lol.
BTW, our end of town and neighborhood are "safe," lol (one of our brides said her parents were worried that we live a short distance from Parsons Avenue.  No worry.  The driving directions are definitely a safe route.  :)
One last thing and this definitely sounds a little grumpy but it makes us very unhappy to say the least.      Regarding consultations:  Please do not come here and waste an hour or two figuring and designing a beautiful wedding cake, figuring the size of the tiers and number of servings for you, then call the next day and say "thanks for the info but a friend of my mother is going to make my cake!!"  Wanna see someone throw a hissy-fit?
All of these icons apply to the above paragraph.
 Telephone Hours Monday through Friday
9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m to 12 noon
9:00 a.m to 2:30 p.m. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
The answering machine is a life-saver!
Thanks :)
The best way to reach Cake Dot or Tad is to call.  
Thank you.
Columbus, Ohio

WOW!! Cake Dots decided to advertise on theKnot and while perusing their website, we found the following paragraph:  
"Best Buttercream
You won't believe it isn't fondant. Cake Dots' sophisticated patterns and innovative detailing are as delicious as they are beautiful—and all with sweet and smooth buttercream frosting. Additionally, Dottie's personalized attention and low prices make this bakery a winner. Cake Dots Wedding Cakes, LLC, Columbus, (614) 491-9663

"Check out their link: 6 Specialty Wedding Cake Bakers in Ohio"

We RARELY use the returnable cake boards now so there is no reason for you to be worried about washing the cake boards etc.  Only if you use cake pillars or cake plateaus will anything have to be returned.  You can breathe now.
Hmmmm, I am not sure of what I am doing since my website host has updated, but I do know that I must let everyone know right here and now we are updating our prices effective IMMEDIATELY !!

We sincerely apology but we just can't continue at our previous price per serving. 
 Here are are new prices:
Round cakes start at $4.25 per serving
We are thing about eliminating Square at $4.50
and only making round wedding cakes no larger than 150 or 100
can we
 here at Cake Dots  make this really, really clear:
We need to 
talk with you 
(face to face)